Microsoft Excel Tutorials

Have you ever wondered what software program is in constant demand and allows you to build a set of foundational skills? I would say that program would be Microsoft Excel. The program allows you to do data analysis, visualization, financial modeling, decision-making, and more.  And the beauty is the skills you learn you can apply to other applications.

Why You Should Learn Microsoft Excel

There are countless reasons why you should learn the program. 

  • It can make you more productive such as when you have to reformat or convert data.
  • The program allows you to lookup data in one field and use it elsewhere, such as VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP.
  • You can use numerous pre-defined functions or even write formulas to handle data better.
  • Many of the concepts you learn in Excel can be applied to other spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets.
  • The program can help you make better decisions, including “what-if” scenarios.
  • The program allows you to color code cells based on conditions.
  • The program allows you to look at your data from different perspectives, such as using pivot tables.
  • The program allows you to automate various tasks using macros.
  • The program allows you to validate information.
  • The program is constantly evolving and adding new features.

Daily Tip

Copy Excel Status Bar Values to Clipboard

This one is just for Microsoft 365 users for now. You can now click on a value in Excel's status bar and copy the value to your clipboard. From there, you can paste it into your spreadsheet or another app. For more details, see the Microsoft announcement. Copy values from Status bar to clipboard.

Excel Text Import Wizard – The Legacy Gem

Ever struggled with importing CSV files into Excel? This article unveils Excel's Text Import Wizard, a simple yet powerful tool Microsoft tucked away. Discover how it effortlessly handles CSV files, bypassing common hitches. Unlike the Get & Transform, the Text Import Wizard offers a streamlined interface with fewer steps. Learn about this hidden gem, and simplify your data importing tasks.
Excel file with converted ADMISSION DATE.

How to Split Names in Excel for Cleaner Data

Learn how to separate names in Excel to boost productivity and improve data organization. This article teaches you various techniques, including using the Text to Columns tool, formulas like LEFT, RIGHT, and MID, and the powerful Flash Fill function. Apply these methods to streamline your workflow and make your data more manageable.
Excel formula to parse name

How Do I Sum Colored Cells in Excel

Are you the type of Microsoft Excel user that loves to add a background cell color? The benefit of color cells is that it makes important information stand out. Another useful feature is that it's easy to act on the colors. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to sum colored cells in Excel. Best of all, you won't need to write any VBA code or use the get.cell function.
Excel subtotal formula.

Excel IF Function Made Easy: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

Learn how to use the IF function in Excel for making quick decisions and comparisons. This versatile logical comparison function can handle many scenarios, from financial models to assigning allowances. Follow this tutorial and practice worksheet to master the basics and start using it in more complex scenarios.
Example of IF function and arguments.

Excel Formulas to Check If Cell Contains Specific Text

Are you facing challenges in determining if an Excel cell contains specific text? This tutorial unveils various techniques, including SEARCH and MATCH functions, to solve this common problem. A step-by-step guide, tailored for both beginners and experts.

XLOOKUP Tutorial: Effortlessly Find Matching Data in Excel

Elevate your Excel skills with the XLOOKUP function, Microsoft's recommended lookup tool. Unlike VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP, it works both vertically and horizontally and doesn't require a sorted list. This beginner's tutorial (Microsoft 365 exclusive) walks you through XLOOKUP's benefits, including default exact matches and left-side return arrays. Download the example spreadsheet now.

Excel VLOOKUP Made Easy – Learn Basics with Practice File & Video

One of the popular Excel tutorial requests is how do you look up a value on one Excel worksheet and use it on another Excel worksheet? For example, you need to translate a product number into a product name. One of my favorite functions is the VLOOKUP function and it can help with this task. (Includes example spreadsheet and video.)
VLOOKUP example with lookup table

Excel Pivot Tables 101: How to Boost Your Data Skills

Do you struggle to make sense of your Excel data? Pivot tables offer a practical and powerful solution for organizing and analyzing data. With a pivot table, you can create custom summary tables that allow you to identify trends, patterns, and relationships within your data. By selecting specific fields to view and configuring how they should be displayed, you can develop a new perspective on your data, transforming it into valuable, actionable insights. Learn how to create them to make the most of your Excel data analysis process.
Marked up pivot table showing precincts.

How to Sort by Color in Excel

Excel allows you to sort your columns and rows by lots of ways. One less obvious way is to sort items by color. This is handy if you apply a background color to a cell or different font color. This tutorial explains how to do the sort. You can also filter by color.
Excel Sort dialog.

How to Keep Leading Zeros in Excel (Solutions & Sample Files)

Struggling with leading zeros in Excel that keep vanishing? This tutorial presents a practical solution on how to keep leading zeros in Excel. It provides three different methods depending on whether your final files need to be .XLSX or .CSV. Think about the improved data accuracy you'll achieve with correctly formatted numerical data. Explore this tutorial and learn the simple steps to secure leading zeros in Excel.
Example of dropped zero in zip code

Easy Data Validation: How to Use Excel Dependent Drop Down Lists

This Excel tutorial shows you how to build a worksheet using dependent drop-down lists. In other words, the selection you make from one list defines the options on the next list. For example, if you select California from one list, the next list filters your selection to just California agents. Includes sample Excel worksheet.
Excel worksheet with dependent dropdown list.

Excel Flash Fill Learns By Example

Learn how to easily manipulate cell entries with Excel Flash Fill. The feature doesn't rely on formulas or coding. You simply have to find a pattern and Excel's machine learning does the rest.
Excel flash fill examples and patterns.

Excel ‘Divide by Zero’ Errors Driving You Nuts? Try These Simple Fixes

Ever received an Excel spreadsheet with those crazy divide by zero errors - #DIV/0!? It's an annoyance as it just draws the eye to the wrong cell. Instead, take 5 minutes to apply this fix so you can concentrate on the important parts.
Spreadsheet show 2 examples of DIV 0 error

How to Highlight Cells in Excel: Stop Searching, Start Revealing

Ever feel overwhelmed trying to locate vital data in your Excel spreadsheets? Imagine if you could easily make this critical information stand out at a glance. With Excel's conditional formatting, you can highlight cells based on various criteria like their value or the text they contain. Dive into our this tutorial complete with examples and a practice file. Learn to master the art of making important information pop in your spreadsheets.
Excel spreadsheet with data bars

Why Excel Tables are a Must-Have Tool for Data Management

Do you find managing data in Excel challenging? Discover the power of Excel tables, a feature designed to make your work easier. They expedite formatting and calculations, turning complex tasks into simple ones. Picture your spreadsheets becoming more functional and efficient, all with a few clicks. Learn how to create an Excel table in 4 steps and experience a new level of efficiency.
Excel table with item markers.
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