Header area of Word letterhead

How to Create a Letterhead in Microsoft Word

Printed letterhead stock is nice, but can be costly. If you don't print a lot of letters, you might want to make your own letterhead in Microsoft Word. It just takes a few minutes to create a template file with your address, logo, and other items you want. This is a great solution for solopreneurs and small businesses.
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Transposed table in Excel

How to Transpose Excel Columns to Rows

Everyone looks at data differently. Some people create Excel spreadsheets where the main fields go across horizontally in a row. Others put the data vertically. Sometimes these preferences lead to a scenario where you want to transpose Excel data. Transpose is an Excel function that allows you to convert Excel columns to rows without retyping the data. (Includes sample worksheet)
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Excel formula to parse name

How to Separate Names in Excel

Recently, a friend asked about fixing an Excel spreadsheet where the subscriber name was in 1 column. He wanted the name separated so he could send a personalized mailing. This is not the first time this question has arisen. The key to solving this problem is to parse or split the data using the Text to Columns feature. Includes workaround when you have middle names or initials too.
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Do not spell check option in Language.

Spell Check Not Working in Word

Ever have one of those days where you're trying to get out an important document, but you find the spellchecker in Word isn't working? Sometimes you can't check a specific document and other times you can't spell-check any documents. Either way, you might try some of these quick solutions.
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gmail suggesting emails for jane

How to Fix Gmail Autofill Addresses

Back in the old days, people rarely changed email addresses. Today people change jobs and have multiple email addresses. Some email programs don’t want to let go of the old addresses. This can cause problems with auto-complete. This happened to a friend with Gmail. She mistakenly sent an email to a colleague’s old work email address. I’ll skip the embarrassing parts and show you how to delete an email address from Gmail.
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VLOOKUP example with lookup table

How to Do VLOOKUP in Excel

One of the popular Excel tutorial requests is how do you look up a value on one Excel worksheet and use it on another Excel worksheet. For example, you need to translate a product number into a product name. One of my favorite Excel functions is the VLOOKUP function and it can help with this task. (Includes example spreadsheet and video.)
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Excel Goal Seek dialog box

Excel Goal Seek Offers Quick Answers

Do you ever play the "what-if" game when you see Excel data? For example, how many more widgets would we need to sell to get our 20% bonus? In my case, I was trying to figure out many more voters we needed to win a ballot measure. Excel has a simple feature for these scenarios.
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Easy Formulas to Extract Text from Excel Cell

Easy Formulas to Extract Text from Excel Cell

Excel is a great tool, but sometimes the spreadsheet files we get aren't ideal. A classic example is you're given a file that has one column that you'd really like to split into multiple ones. That was the scenario I faced when I got a large file with the street addresses in one field. Using the LEFT and RIGHT text formulas, I was able to have Excel extract text substrings into two new fields.
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Filtering for Gmail address to delete

Easy Ways to Bulk Delete Gmail

One bad habit I have is letting my Gmail inbox get too big. I don’t always delete emails as fast as I should. These accrued items tend to be non-urgent items I get on a recurring basis that I haven’t flagged as a priority. Eventually, I reach that tipping point and want to delete these Google emails in mass. There are many ways to delete Gmail items, but here’s one tutorial that requires minimal effort and you can do at your own pace.
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Microsoft 365 app icons

Which Microsoft Office Version to Get

There are a number of Microsoft Office versions available to you. Learn some of the key differences and factors you should consider.
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