Discover Easy Formulas to Extract Text from Excel Cell

Street address column values copied into new columns.

In this tutorial, master extracting text from Excel cells with simple text functions. Grasp the concept of Excel substrings and tackle text string messes. Next, skillfully build nested formulas using LEFT, FIND, and RIGHT functions to separate street numbers and names. Finally, transform your spreadsheet by converting formulas to values and adjusting cell formats. Includes practice workbook.

Mass Delete Gmail: 6 Ways to Clear Your Email Clutter

Filtering for Gmail address to delete

Are you overwhelmed by the number of unread emails in your Gmail? Streamline your email management and achieve inbox zen by learning how to delete Gmail in bulk. Our detailed guide offers easy-to-follow steps, empowering you to reclaim control of your inbox. Discover the art of efficient email management.

Excel VLOOKUP Made Easy – Learn Basics with Practice File & Video

VLOOKUP example with lookup table

One of the popular Excel tutorial requests is how do you look up a value on one Excel worksheet and use it on another Excel worksheet? For example, you need to translate a product number into a product name. One of my favorite functions is the VLOOKUP function and it can help with this task. (Includes example spreadsheet and video.)

Best Ways to Import Contacts to Google Contacts

Imported record to Google Contacts.

Are you tired of retyping contact information across email platforms? Then, save time and effort by learning the most effective ways to import contacts to Gmail from my mistakes. Our comprehensive guide covers multiple scenarios, including importing from Microsoft Outlook, vCard, and CSV files. Plus, get tips on preparing your contact data before importing, ensuring a smooth and error-free process.

Why is Spell Check Not Working in Word? Find Easy Fixes

Word document with Reveal Formatting and Languages dialog.

Is Microsoft Word’s spell check not working? This article provides solutions to common spell-check issues, including verifying language settings, checking proofing exceptions, and renaming your Word template. It also covers how to repair the installation, rename a Windows registry folder, and check your custom dictionary for errors. In the meantime, you can try using online alternatives like Google Docs or Microsoft Word Online for spell checking. Then, fix your spell-check issues and get back to writing flawlessly.

Convert Excel Columns to Rows for Easier Analysis

Transposed table in Excel

Ever struggled with data analysis due to the orientation of your Excel data? This tutorial introduces Excel’s Transpose function. A tool that effortlessly switches columns and rows. It’s a must-have for data organization, enabling you to view your data in a way that best suits your needs.

How to Make a Cornell Notes Template with Word

Cornell Notes page layout

The Cornell Note-taking method enhances learning by structuring notes in a specific layout. This tutorial guides users in creating a Cornell Notes Template using Microsoft Word. The method divides a page into three sections: Cue Column for keywords and questions, a main note-taking area, and a summary section for key points. The template can be personalized, and there’s also a printable PDF version available.

How to Make a Letterhead Template in Microsoft Word: Easy as ABC

Header area of Word letterhead

Discover how to create a professional letterhead in Microsoft Word with ease. This tutorial walks you through the process, from planning your design to choosing the right visual elements and adjusting images to avoid common problems. Once your template is created, you can save it for future use or print a bulk run for a polished, consistent presence in all your communications. No design skills are needed—get started today.

How to Split Names in Excel for Cleaner Data

Excel formula to parse name

Learn how to separate names in Excel to boost productivity and improve data organization. This article teaches you various techniques, including using the Text to Columns tool, formulas like LEFT, RIGHT, and MID, and the powerful Flash Fill function. Apply these methods to streamline your workflow and make your data more manageable.

How to Compress a Word Document: 7 Easy Methods

The Compress Pictures dialog box.

Do you struggle with large Word documents? Discover how to compress a Word document with our comprehensive guide. It’s packed with seven easy-to-follow tips, from inserting graphics efficiently to using the latest file formats. You’ll also learn how to use Word’s built-in tools to reduce file size and even explore converting to other file formats.