It takes more than technology to be productive.

Most everyone appreciates technology and its promise. The flip side is it can also be a pain. It could be you have the right tools, but you aren’t sure how to use them to your advantage. How many times have you stared at a screen and wondered, “now what?”. I have, and it’s frustrating. The goal of this site is to pass on my learnings.

Whether you’re frustrated or simply trying to level up your skills, we’d like to help. We’ve written many tutorials and informative articles covering everything from Amazon’s Alexa to Microsoft Excel with lots in between. And we’re open to suggestions.


  • How to Reduce Image File Size

    Squoosh app and controls.

    Ever had one of those great photos that you wanted to share or upload only to find out there was a file size restriction? Your grand photo was too big. Professional photographers and designers know how to get around these barriers, but for others, this can be a nightmare. Fortunately, there are some easy and free online resources that reduce image file sizes.



  • How to Separate Names in Excel

    Recently, a friend asked about fixing an Excel spreadsheet where the subscriber name was in 1 column. He wanted the name separated so he could send a personalized mailing. This is not the first time this question has arisen. The key to solving this problem is to parse or split the data using the Text to Columns feature. Includes workaround when you have middle names or initials too.


    Excel formula to parse name
  • Easy Ways to Bulk Delete Gmail

    One bad habit I have is letting my Gmail inbox get too big. I don’t always delete emails as fast as I should. These accrued items tend to be non-urgent items I get on a recurring basis that I haven’t flagged as a priority. Eventually, I reach that tipping point and want to delete these Google emails in mass. There are many ways to delete Gmail items, but here’s one tutorial that requires minimal effort and you can do at your own pace.


    Filtering for Gmail address to delete
  • How to Create a Letterhead in Microsoft Word

    Printed letterhead stock is nice, but can be costly. If you don’t print a lot of letters, you might want to make your own letterhead in Microsoft Word. It just takes a few minutes to create a template file with your address, logo, and other items you want. This is a great solution for solopreneurs and small businesses.


    Header area of Word letterhead
  • How To View Your Chrome History

    When I mention Google web history to people, they think of items they typed in Google’s search box. Many people are comfortable with their browser storing this information. Google and other search engines use that data to refine your future search results. This is all part of Google’s effort to deliver personalized search and faster pages. But sometimes you want to delete that information.


    chrome web history examples
  • Make Special Characters & Keyboard Symbols

    I recently attended a meeting where an agenda item was to review a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. One bullet point showed a daily cost of 37 cents. Several people wanted the bullet point to show 37¢. Others commented that there is no way to use these symbols as the cents sign since they weren’t on your computer keyboard. This got me thinking about the different methods you can insert special characters in Windows .


    Character Map with Cents Sign
  • Video: Create Gmail Distribution List

    Video of how to delete Gmail in blulk

    This short video with captions and transcript shows you how to make a distribution list in Gmail. This works with either the free or paid plans with Google.