From Tech Trouble to Tech Triumph: Simple Tutorials for All

Struggling with technology even though you’ve got the right tools? Staring at a screen, clueless and frustrated? You’re not alone. At Productivity Portfolio, we understand that achieving productive outcomes goes beyond technological know-how. Our mission is simple: to provide a portfolio of clear, accessible tutorials to help you leverage technology.

Whether navigating through Microsoft Excel, managing your online security, or exploring the potentials of Artificial Intelligence (AI), our portfolio of step-by-step guides ensures technology accelerates your productivity rather than hinders it.


See All Sheet Formulas Tip

Sometimes when you're debugging an Excel sheet, it can help to see all the formulas instead of traversing one cell at a time. Just press Ctrl + ~. The tilde key should be in the top left of your keyboard. And when you're done, press the key combo again to go back to seeing the cell values. Toggle Excel formula values.

  • Overwhelmed by AI Tools? Use Chatbot Arena to Help

    Overwhelmed by AI Tools? Use Chatbot Arena to Help

    Feeling lost in the rapidly evolving world of AI? Chatbot Arena is a free tool that lets you compare different AI chatbots side-by-side. Discover new models, evaluate their responses to your own prompts, and make informed decisions about the best AI tools for your needs. Chatbot Arena helps you cut through the hype and find…



  • Gmail Forwarding: Easy Steps to Simplify Your Email Management

    Discover the ease of managing your emails with Gmail’s forwarding feature. This guide teaches you how to set up automatic forwarding to another email address, using filters to specify which emails to forward. Learn about verifying forwarding addresses, creating and adjusting filters, and ensuring the security of your email forwarding. Simplify your email workflow with…


    Gmail option to forward email.

  • Use Omnivore App Instead of Email App for Newsletters

    Discover the Omnivore App, a specialized tool for reading newsletters. Unlike traditional email apps, it’s designed to enhance your reading experience with a focus on content organization and ease of access. And, you can use it for more than just newsletters.


    Omnivore app showing newsletter with callouts.

  • Prevent Bad Browser Extensions From Compromising Your Security

    Have you installed a browser extension only to later regret it? Many plugins can access your personal data before you even realize. Learn how to research add-ons to avoid malicious ones. Follow tips on assessing permissions, vulnerabilities, communications, and risk scores.


    CRXavator listing for Grammarly.

  • Easy Data Validation: How to Use Excel Dependent Drop Down Lists

    This Excel tutorial shows you how to build a worksheet using dependent drop-down lists. In other words, the selection you make from one list defines the options on the next list. For example, if you select California from one list, the next list filters your selection to just California agents. Includes sample Excel worksheet.


    Excel worksheet with dependent dropdown list.

  • How to Split Names in Excel for Cleaner Data

    Learn how to separate names in Excel to boost productivity and improve data organization. This article teaches you various techniques, including using the Text to Columns tool, formulas like LEFT, RIGHT, and MID, and the powerful Flash Fill function. Apply these methods to streamline your workflow and make your data more manageable.


    Excel formula to parse name

  • How to Make a Letterhead Template in Microsoft Word: Easy as ABC

    Discover how to create a professional letterhead in Microsoft Word with ease. This tutorial walks you through the process, from planning your design to choosing the right visual elements and adjusting images to avoid common problems. Once your template is created, you can save it for future use or print a bulk run for a…


    Header area of Word letterhead

  • Gmail Distribution Lists Made Easy: Send Group Emails Like a Pro

    Are you tired of manually entering multiple email addresses when sending a message to a group? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a distribution list in Gmail, allowing you to send emails to multiple recipients at once effortlessly. The tutorial covers everything from understanding Google Contact Labels to creating groups within your contacts.…


    Assign labels to Google Contacts.

  • Video: Excel Conditional Formatting

    Video: Excel Conditional Formatting

    Below is a short video showing you how to use Excel’s conditional formatting feature. You can see the full steps from this tutorial.