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Struggling with technology even though you’ve got the right tools? Staring at a screen, clueless and frustrated? We’ve all been there and it’s not fun. We can help you change that with our comprehensive tutorials and articles. We cover a wide range of topics – from Gmail to Microsoft Excel – giving you an advantage and making technology your ally, not your enemy.


Add Filters to Column Headers in Excel

To quickly add column filters to your Excel spreadsheet, select your row and then press Ctrl + Shift + L. Excel column filters For more info see the AutoFilter tutorial.

  • Boost Your Research Paper Reading Efficiency with AI Prompts

    Boost  Your Research Paper Reading Efficiency with AI Prompts

    Tired of struggling with dense research papers? Discover how to use Anthropic Claude and AI prompts to extract key information. This beginner’s guide offers some practical prompts with illustrations so you can build your own framework of questions. The prompts can be applied to other tools like ChatGPT.


  • Use Snagx Files & Tags to Easily Manage Your Screen Captures

    Use Snagx Files & Tags to Easily Manage Your Screen Captures

    SnagIt’s automatic image classification can be a game-changer. It sorts images by date, type, application, and more. But sometimes, it misses the mark. That’s where manual tags come in, offering a finer, more reliable level of sorting when the automatic method falls short.



  • Prevent Bad Browser Extensions From Compromising Your Security

    Have you installed a browser extension only to later regret it? Many plugins can access your personal data before you even realize. Learn how to research add-ons to avoid malicious ones. Follow tips on assessing permissions, vulnerabilities, communications, and risk scores.


    CRXavator listing for Grammarly.

  • Be Vigilant Online: How to Avoid Falling for Suspicious URLs

    This article delves into the common scenarios of encountering potentially harmful URLs. Learn to investigate sender behaviors, recognize red flags, and uncover the characteristics of suspicious URLs. Discover tips for checking short URL addresses and utilizing multiple tools to enhance your online security. Stay informed, ask questions, and be prepared for the unexpected while teaching…


    Cloudflare Radar scan showing expanded URL and no risks.

  • Easy Data Validation: How to Use Excel Dependent Drop Down Lists

    This Excel tutorial shows you how to build a worksheet using dependent drop-down lists. In other words, the selection you make from one list defines the options on the next list. For example, if you select California from one list, the next list filters your selection to just California agents. Includes sample Excel worksheet.


    Excel worksheet with dependent dropdown list.

  • How to Separate Names in Excel for Cleaner Data

    Learn how to separate names in Excel to boost productivity and improve data organization. This article teaches you various techniques, including using the Text to Columns tool, formulas like LEFT, RIGHT, and MID, and the powerful Flash Fill function. Apply these methods to streamline your workflow and make your data more manageable.


    Excel formula to parse name

  • How to Make a Letterhead Template in Microsoft Word: Easy as ABC

    Discover how to create a professional letterhead in Microsoft Word with ease. This tutorial walks you through the process, from planning your design to choosing the right visual elements and adjusting images to avoid common problems. Once your template is created, you can save it for future use or print a bulk run for a…


    Header area of Word letterhead

  • Video: Create Gmail Distribution List

    Video: Create Gmail Distribution List

    This short video with captions and transcript shows you how to make a distribution list in Gmail. This works with either the free or paid plans with Google.