About Me

Aha…you get bonus points for checking this page. Thanks, I like that. You’re in the 0.02% club. Yes, that’s the percentage of people that come to the site and read this page, according to Google analytics. Don’t worry as I don’t know who you are.

I figure there are two types of people who look at this page. The first group wants to know who I am. I’m Anne. Yes, it’s just me. I’m a solo act. I like to say I’m a life-long learner that is constantly intrigued by technology, but that usually puts me in the bucket labeled “propeller head” or “nerd.” I’m OK with that.

The second group wants to know if I allow guest posts or sponsored posts. No, I don’t. However, I will give you props for finding out more about me so you can craft a pitch. That puts you way ahead of your competitors, but I still don’t do guest or sponsored posts.

My Background

I’m a business professional that has been around PCs since the early ’80s. I’ve done work for companies including Marriott International, General Electric, Charles Schwab, and a host of smaller companies. All places where I made mistakes and learned a lot more.

This site is a passion and not my primary job. I’ve run support organizations, online bulletin board systems (BBS), and training programs. I also help run several websites and sometimes post items on WebMasterDragon.com.

I got started with PCs when few people knew which operating system would prevail. This was before Microsoft came out with Windows. And yes, I’ve seen the rise and fall of both Microsoft and Apple. And let’s not forget the inroads Google and Linux have made.

In the last 40+ years, I have seen the continuous frustration of users with personal technology. Seldom can I go to my favorite cafe without someone asking a question or sharing a problem. Sometimes even knowing the right question to ask can be a challenge. Many of those questions have turned into articles. The common denominator is all these people are frustrated and want their stuff to work. Me too. (Yup, that paragraph was before the pandemic.)

My Intent

This site is about teaching you more about the tools you use. I like to think people have a portfolio of tools that might include their Windows PC, smartphone, tablet, etc. I know you don’t have the time to read the manuals. Many of you are professionals without the benefit of corporate support staff. You’re busy doing your job and may not have the opportunity to try new programs or services.

My goal is to teach you about these tools through tutorials with easy instructions and language. I also provide additional content on some articles with video tutorials and spreadsheets. The content covers many areas ranging from explaining tech terms to showing you a program feature. I might even throw in a fun website every now and then to remind you that all work and no play is unproductive.

Affiliations and Revenue

I do receive revenue from various ad networks. And because many people now use ad blockers, I have started to use affiliate links for Udemy.com, Amazon.com, LinkedInLearning.com, MyExcelOnline.com, and other sites to help offset the cost of this site. These are on products I have used and, in some cases, written reviews. In these cases, I disclose that there is an affiliation.

And while I may mention systems, processes, and workflows, I don’t consider myself a “productivity expert.” I think we get too hung up on that phrase. We strive to be productive but fail to consider our goals and efficiency. I also know from experience that you can’t force people into your system. I remember as a young manager trying to get people to use a system I found useful. I had the best intentions but failed to realize that people learn differently. In retrospect, it reminds how people tried to teach me some tasks using my right hand. I’m a leftie. Lesson learned.

Article Ideas

I am serious when I said I get most of my article ideas from friends and co-workers. I’m always looking for topic ideas. If you have a question on how to do something, feel free to let me know. I can’t guarantee I’ll write an article on the topic, but I’d love to know what’s on your mind and maybe solve your problem.

Social Media Interests

This may surprise some of you, but I really don’t have a social media presence, so there is no sense in trying to follow me. My Facebook presence is limited to private groups that offer support for purchased services.

I used to use Twitter a lot in the early days, but now it’s just for the occasional support question and infrequent rant. I also realized it wasn’t the best use of my time and people sound sad. I may return. But I did add back in the social share icons to articles. I do appreciate the people that share my content.

As always, thanks for your time and reading.