How to Add a Signature in Outlook.Com email signature.

Microsoft has several email products. One of the most popular ones is the free version called However, the feature set is different than its paid counterpart like Microsoft 365. One difference deals with creating an email signature. Most of the functionality exists with a few exceptions.

Be Vigilant Online: How to Avoid Falling for Suspicious URLs

Cloudflare Radar scan showing expanded URL and no risks.

This article delves into the common scenarios of encountering potentially harmful URLs. Learn to investigate sender behaviors, recognize red flags, and uncover the characteristics of suspicious URLs. Discover tips for checking short URL addresses and utilizing multiple tools to enhance your online security. Stay informed, ask questions, and be prepared for the unexpected while teaching your kids about the dangers of unknown links.

Essential Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts & Customization

Toggle for Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to enhance your productivity. The benefits are compounded the more you use a program like Gmail. The problem is learning them and committing them to memory. In the case of Gmail, there are quite a few and some don’t seem intuitive to me.

How to Delete an Email Address from Gmail Autofill

gmail suggesting emails for jane

Tired of sending emails to incorrect or outdated addresses? This tutorial teaches you how to delete email addresses from Gmail’s autofill feature, ensuring a clean and updated contact list. Understand how Google saves email addresses, how the autocomplete feature works, and implement two practical methods to edit or delete contact records. Plus, find out how to disable auto-complete contacts for more control over your Gmail contact list.

Mass Delete Gmail: 6 Ways to Clear Your Email Clutter

Filtering for Gmail address to delete

Are you overwhelmed by the number of unread emails in your Gmail? Streamline your email management and achieve inbox zen by learning how to delete Gmail in bulk. Our detailed guide offers easy-to-follow steps, empowering you to reclaim control of your inbox. Discover the art of efficient email management.

Misbehaving Outlook Email

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Some say that computer problems happen at the worst times. I’m not sure that is true, but I won’t argue. Without warning, my Outlook email stopped working last week. I could receive email, but I couldn’t open any items. Instead, I saw an error message that read “Cannot open this item. The text formatting command is not available. It may not be installed correctly. Install Microsoft Office Outlook again.”

Microsoft Outlook Hyperlinks Not Working & 4 Fixes

Edit Windows registry value.

Experiencing broken hyperlinks in Outlook? This guide reveals the common causes, from Windows updates to browser changes, and offers effective solutions. Discover how to reset your default browser, adjust URL file types, and modify registry keys. Don’t let faulty links hinder your productivity.

Outlook Quick Parts Let You Reuse Text & Images

Pop-up dialog to identify new Quick Part.

If you encounter email requests where the answers could share common elements, then you’re a great candidate for Outlook Quick Parts. It’s a feature of Microsoft Office that allows you to build mini templates. You can then insert these blocks into Microsoft Outlook emails, tasks, and calendar events. They are reusable blocks.

Gmail Distribution Lists Made Easy: Send Group Emails Like a Pro

Are you tired of manually entering multiple email addresses when sending a message to a group? In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a distribution list in Gmail, allowing you to send emails to multiple recipients at once effortlessly. The tutorial covers everything from understanding Google Contact Labels to creating groups within your contacts. With clear instructions and helpful tips, you can master this essential Gmail feature quickly. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have the knowledge and skills to create and manage distribution lists, making your email communication more efficient, organized, and hassle-free.

Advantages of Outlook AutoComplete

outlook autocomplete option

Microsoft Outlook has some nice productivity features for email addresses called AutoComplete and AutoResolve. Each offers conveniences, but there are differences between the two. And if you’re not careful, one of these can cause problems.

How to Add Image to Outlook Signature

One way to personalize your email or promote your corporate identity is with email signatures. Often I find people either don’t know how to create or edit these signatures in Outlook. This is unfortunate as the Signature area is a useful feature that can be used for many scenarios.