Clearly Limits Reading Distractions

Clearly controls for size and backgrounds

As the web has evolved, it seems like there are more reading distractions. Some websites are so aggressive at displaying ads; it’s hard to follow the article. In other cases, sites present articles in multiple pages to increase page views. And some sites use styles which are harder to read such as white text on dark backgrounds. Fortunately, there is a free browser add-on that solves these issues and more.

Rename Files Like A Pro With RenameMaestro

I’m not a professional photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures with my smartphone. What I don’t like is the resulting filenames that are meaningless to me, yet appear to have order. Instead of fretting about the situation, I found a great file renaming utility called RenameMaestro. Although you may associate the name “maestro” with music, this software works on multiple file types, ranging from MP3s to photos to PDFs.

Simple Way to Back Up & Reset Internet Explorer

IE backup and restore options

Have you ever called tech support on a browser or plug-in problem and their first suggestion is to reset your Internet Explorer settings? That’s where you have to delete your cookies and change your security settings back to the defaults. There’s a free plugin that takes the next step and restores your settings from a backup.

CCleaner Removes Trash and Tracks

CCleaner Cleaner tab

If you’re looking for free tools that can help clean your system or remove tracking information, this one is well worth your time. It’s fast, clean and allows you the ability to decide what to remove. It may not have as many options as commercial programs, but it certainly alleviates your privacy concerns and clears the unwanted files from your computer.

ActiveWords is More Than a Text Expander

PC users often feel limited by rules and structures. Sometimes this means slogging through many folders to find a needed file. Other times, it means typing text passages repeatedly to suit a need. Many people consider these annoyances routine. Others have found relief by using a program called ActiveWords. This Windows program can ...

Eraser File Shredder Deletes Sensitive Data

People routinely think about viruses, trojans, and spyware, but seldom do they think about properly erasing data from their hard drives. There are plenty of places Microsoft Windows stores data that aren’t obvious. The data in these places may contain sensitive information, such as passwords or account data. The best defense is …