Use Snagx Files & Tags to Easily Manage Your Screen Captures

Searching SnagIt with tag.

SnagIt’s automatic image classification can be a game-changer. It sorts images by date, type, application, and more. But sometimes, it misses the mark. That’s where manual tags come in, offering a finer, more reliable level of sorting when the automatic method falls short.

Boost Your Productivity with TextExpander: Conquer Your Daily Grind with Ease

My TextExpander interface

Discover the power of TextExpander. Boost your productivity by automating repetitive tasks like typing long phrases or URLs. This fantastic tool turns short abbreviations into full-length text snippets, streamlining your workflow and saving you time. In this article, we’ll show you how TextExpander can revolutionize the way you work, and we have a link to save you 20%. So get ready to unlock new levels of efficiency and effectiveness.

Snagit 2023 Captures Screens & Your Imagination

Snagit composite image

Snagit is an exceptional and reasonably priced screen capture program that works on both Windows and Mac. It fits the sweet spot between simple graphic programs that don’t allow enough features and very expensive programs that add overhead and expense.

F.lux Reduces Eye Strain & Sleeplessness

F.lux settings.

Are you finding yourself in front of the PC too many hours at night or when it’s dark? Maybe you’re doing work or just catching up with friends. The problem is the bright light from the display may be impacting your sleep and causing eye strain.

Rename Files Like A Pro With RenameMaestro

I’m not a professional photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures with my smartphone. What I don’t like is the resulting filenames that are meaningless to me, yet appear to have order. Instead of fretting about the situation, I found a great file renaming utility called RenameMaestro. Although you may associate the name “maestro” with music, this software works on multiple file types, ranging from MP3s to photos to PDFs.

CCleaner Removes Trash and Tracks

CCleaner Cleaner tab

If you’re looking for free tools that can help clean your system or remove tracking information, this one is well worth your time. It’s fast, clean and allows you the ability to decide what to remove. It may not have as many options as commercial programs, but it certainly alleviates your privacy concerns and clears the unwanted files from your computer.

Eraser File Shredder Deletes Sensitive Data

Protect your sensitive data from prying eyes with Eraser, a free and open-source file shredder for Windows that securely deletes data from hidden areas of your hard drive. Learn how to use this powerful tool to sanitize your data and keep your personal information safe.