Reduce Frustration with Simple Android Phone to PC Tethering

COMCAST notice of temporary service interuption.

Prepare for unexpected network disruptions with USB tethering, a reliable method for sharing your Android phone’s internet with a Windows PC. This tutorial provides a thorough explanation of the tethering process, including its benefits, potential carrier charges, setup instructions, and valuable troubleshooting advice. USB tethering not only offers a secure and fast connection but also helps conserve your phone’s battery life.

How to Make Symbols & Special Characters Using Your Keyboard

Character Map with Cents Sign

Ever wanted to create keyboard symbols and special characters but didn’t know how? Our tutorial will teach you everything about Alt codes, Unicodes, and laptop-specific methods for creating these unique symbols. Learn how to use special characters in various contexts, such as Microsoft Office, email, and web design. Discover the extensive range of symbols available, including accented letters, currency symbols, and more. Elevate your typing skills and add a touch of sophistication to your documents, messages, and online content.

Try Windows Steps Recorder for Troubleshooting & Teaching

Excel file with Steps toolbar on top.

Are you one of these people that gets frustrated with tech support? You explain your problem but the support rep still doesn’t understand your problem. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the Steps Recorder in Windows. Not only is this utility free, but it’s easy enough for anyone to learn. And it can help troubleshoot other PC programs.

How to Use Windows Troubleshooting Tools

Windows recovery settings

Windows 10 acting up again? Before you pull your hair out, this guide might have the answers. Discover the built-in tools that can troubleshoot those pesky problems. Before you even think of calling in the cavalry, these free solutions could be your saving grace.

Use Kindle App for PC for a Smarter Way to Study

Desktop Kindle for PC.

Struggling to study on your Kindle’s small screen? The free Kindle App for desktops offers better learning features. You get expanded reading space to view content and notes side-by-side. Sync highlights and notes automatically to all devices. Easily highlight and annotate PDF documents. Download now to improve your studying experience.

Get Informed: How to Check PC Specs (Offline & Online)

Speccy CPU panel showing AVX2 instructions.

Learn how to check your PC specs using free Windows tools, including Microsoft’s built-in system information tool, Belarc Advisor, Piriform Speccy, and the Windows 11 Compatibility Checker. These tools can help you troubleshoot issues and provide basic computer information to tech support reps.

Windows Metered Connection: The Money-Saving Tool to Know

metered connection toggle

Discover the power of a metered connection in Windows. This tutorial guides you through the process of setting it up, helping you avoid unexpected data charges. Learn how to control your data usage effectively and save money. Don’t let automatic updates consume your data.

Easy Windows 10 Taskbar Customization

Windows Taskbar settings panel.

It’s easy to overlook the Windows taskbar, but it’s packed with features and settings that can make your life easier. The taskbar is a great feature that allows you to access your most used applications, search, notifications, and system settings. By making a few small changes, you’ll be able to take advantage of hidden features and customize your experience in no time.

Copy File Path and Name in Windows 10 or 11

Copy as Path menu option Windows 11.

Ever been stumped trying to copy a file path on Windows 10 or Windows 11? This tutorial is your solution. It introduces several simple methods that eliminate the need for opening the File Properties dialog. You’ll learn how to copy a file path quickly and efficiently, making your work process smoother.

Speed Up Learning With Audacity

Ever feel you’re at an audio buffet table and you’ve loaded up on too much content? This recently happened to me with some audio courses and podcasts. I didn’t have enough time to hear all the lectures and conference calls. I needed to find a way to shorten the listening process. The solution was easier than I thought using the free sound editor and recorder called Audacity.

Use Big Stretch Reminder to Manage Your Attention

My Big Stretch custom reminders.

Are you creating busy work to avoid focusing on important items? That’s a question asked in the 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss. As much as I enjoy browsing the web, I’ll admit that it is not always productive. With constant online availability comes constant distractions. One way I regain focus and manage my attention is to use a simple reminder pop-up tool that rotates through two questions.

Understanding Differences Between Windows Hibernate and Sleep

Do you know the differences between Windows Stand By and Hibernate? These two Windows XP shutdown options often confuse people. These power saving options offer advantages, but it’s important to know the differences when creating a power scheme for your notebook or desktop.

Easy Disk Cleanup with Scheduled Tasks

Windows Task Scheduler.

Windows has some built-in tools that allow you to do scheduled maintenance on your PC. For example, you can automate disk cleanups by using a combination of sagesets and Task Scheduler.

PRN Files Fill the Gaps

A friend sent me an email with an interesting problem. He had a report he needed to share with another team member, but they didn’t have the program that he used to create the report. There also wasn’t a common file format they used. I suggested he try sending a .PRN file or printer text file. This solution also works if you ever lose your printer at work and need to send files elsewhere to print.