Boost Your Research Paper Reading Efficiency with AI Prompts

Conversation with Claude AI on research paper.

Tired of struggling with dense research papers? Discover how to use Anthropic Claude and AI prompts to extract key information. This beginner’s guide offers some practical prompts with illustrations so you can build your own framework of questions. The prompts can be applied to other tools like ChatGPT.

Get a Better Understanding of Security Warnings with ChatGPT

Revised ChatGPT answer.

Have you ever been confused by some of the online security warnings you see? Sometimes you see so many you want to skip over them before your eyes glaze over. This tutorial will show how I used AI to better understand a browser extension warning from a scanning tool. It will also show …

Try ChatGPT to Understand Program Code & Error Messages

ChatGPT session with prompt.

In this article, we’ll explore the potential of ChatGPT and SnagIt in making sense of program code and error messages. With SnagIt, we can extract text from images and feed it into ChatGPT for a detailed breakdown. Then we’ll use ChatGPT to aid us in understanding error messages.