Pair Authenticator Apps & 2FA Sites to Secure Your Accounts

2FA Directory with callouts.

Ever wondered about the safety of your online accounts? Learn about 2FA, a digital guardian for your data and authenticator apps. While hackers are becoming smarter, 2FA offers a reliable barrier. It’s not just about passwords anymore; it’s about having that extra layer of security. See how easy it is to set up.

Metasearch Engines Expand your Horizons

Clusty search result

There was a lot of interest in websites that show searches from both Google and Yahoo! These sites displayed your query results side by side. The approach is interesting, but if people are looking for combined results, a better approach might be a meta-search engine. (Update: metasearch engines are not as popular as they once were when this article was written.)

OPML Files- Other Peoples Meaningful Lists

Example OPML file format from Feedly.

OPML, or “outline processor markup language,” is a versatile file format used to describe outline-based content like articles and playlists. It’s particularly useful for sharing RSS feed information, making processes consistent and efficient. This article provides examples of how various groups can utilize OPML files.

Windows Hosts File: Your Key to Domain Control & Privacy

Windows Hosts file example.

Ever wondered about the Windows Hosts file? It’s a simple text file that can override IP addresses, helping you block domains or access development websites. This control can enhance your privacy and streamline your web development process. Start exploring your Hosts file and experience its benefits.

What is ActiveX

ActiveX controls

ActiveX sounds like a complex term, but it’s not. It is a way to make programs interactive using a set of controls and rules. You might think of as small apps for Internet Explorer. Microsoft has dropped support for it in Microsoft Edge, which is their latest browser.