Gmail Forwarding: Easy Steps to Simplify Your Email Management

Gmail option to forward email.

Discover the ease of managing your emails with Gmail’s forwarding feature. This guide teaches you how to set up automatic forwarding to another email address, using filters to specify which emails to forward. Learn about verifying forwarding addresses, creating and adjusting filters, and ensuring the security of your email forwarding. Simplify your email workflow with these practical steps for effective email management.

Use Omnivore App Instead of Email App for Newsletters

Omnivore app showing newsletter with callouts.

Discover the Omnivore App, a specialized tool for reading newsletters. Unlike traditional email apps, it’s designed to enhance your reading experience with a focus on content organization and ease of access. And, you can use it for more than just newsletters.

Prevent Bad Browser Extensions From Compromising Your Security

CRXavator listing for Grammarly.

Have you installed a browser extension only to later regret it? Many plugins can access your personal data before you even realize. Learn how to research add-ons to avoid malicious ones. Follow tips on assessing permissions, vulnerabilities, communications, and risk scores.

Reduce Frustration with Simple Android Phone to PC Tethering

COMCAST notice of temporary service interuption.

Prepare for unexpected network disruptions with USB tethering, a reliable method for sharing your Android phone’s internet with a Windows PC. This tutorial provides a thorough explanation of the tethering process, including its benefits, potential carrier charges, setup instructions, and valuable troubleshooting advice. USB tethering not only offers a secure and fast connection but also helps conserve your phone’s battery life.

Try Windows Steps Recorder for Troubleshooting & Teaching

Excel file with Steps toolbar on top.

Are you one of these people that gets frustrated with tech support? You explain your problem but the support rep still doesn’t understand your problem. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use the Steps Recorder in Windows. Not only is this utility free, but it’s easy enough for anyone to learn. And it can help troubleshoot other PC programs.

Amazon Shopping Tips for Every Day Savings

My Amazon home page.

Regardless of the time of year, we have shopping needs whether it’s grocery items or that special gift. Now, some people prefer to just shop during special sales events such as Amazon Prime Days, Cyberweek, or a daily deal. However, I think better savings can be achieved with a slow and steady approach. And while Prime is optional, a Smile is recommended.

How to Find All Your Chrome Extensions and Folders

Module table showing browser extension info

Many times when troubleshooting browser issues you need to find out all the extensions. This can be a time-consuming process. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to find all your browser extensions using net-export. The nice thing about this tool is it also shows the extension ID which is the folder name.

How to Add an Outlook.Com Signature email signature.

Microsoft has several email products. One of the most popular ones is the free version called However, the feature set is different than its paid counterpart like Microsoft 365. One difference deals with creating an email signature. Most of the functionality exists with a few exceptions.

How to Fix Web Pages Where Text is Too Wide

reduce element size

The web is a wonderful place, but sometimes the pages don’t work for me. It’s not the content, but how they display. I’ll find a site where the text is very wide or even full screen. On some monitors, this works well. Other times, the width makes it harder to read the page. Your eyes have to span the full screen and it’s more tiring. But, with the use of your browser and a couple of tweaks, you can fix pages where the text is too wide.

When Alexa Voice Recognition Gets it Wrong

Alexa account history menu

Image my surprise this morning when I looked at my To Do list and saw, “do a review on grimm kermit call marilee”. I stared at the screen for a good 20 seconds hoping something would pop to mind. I was stumped. Fortunately, I could tell the task had been placed the day before by Alexa. Now, the question was how to figure out what Alexa voice recognition heard. It was time to go to the source.

Use Kindle App for PC for a Smarter Way to Study

Desktop Kindle for PC.

Struggling to study on your Kindle’s small screen? The free Kindle App for desktops offers better learning features. You get expanded reading space to view content and notes side-by-side. Sync highlights and notes automatically to all devices. Easily highlight and annotate PDF documents. Download now to improve your studying experience.

Get Informed: How to Check PC Specs (Offline & Online)

Speccy CPU panel showing AVX2 instructions.

Learn how to check your PC specs using free Windows tools, including Microsoft’s built-in system information tool, Belarc Advisor, Piriform Speccy, and the Windows 11 Compatibility Checker. These tools can help you troubleshoot issues and provide basic computer information to tech support reps.

Alexa Routines Show Promise and Limitations

Add new routine

It shouldn’t be any surprise that I’m an Amazon Alexa fan. Naturally, I was intrigued when Alexa added a new feature called “Routines”. As the name suggests, it allows you to standardize certain actions for consistency. In theory, this works well, but it didn’t give me the flexibility I expected. I was hoping that anything I could speak, I could use in a routine. However, it’s still something worth exploring as it can make things easier.