Webinar chat dialog about noise.

Webinar Tips for Presenters and Attendees

After attending seven live webinars in three days, I'm wondering if I got the return on my time. I was expecting these would be the best webinars based on the sales page and speakers. The advantage of viewing so many presentations in a short time is I could see patterns. I decided to convert these problems into webinar tips for presenters and attendees. Many of these tips are common sense and yet they were overlooked.
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Pop-up dialog to identify new Quick Part.

Reuse Text & Images with Outlook Quick Parts

If you encounter email requests where the answers could share common elements, then you're a great candidate for Outlook Quick Parts. It's a feature of Microsoft Office that allows you to build mini templates. You can then insert these blocks into Microsoft Outlook emails, tasks, and calendar events. They are reusable blocks.
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Document after clicking Format.

Be Selective and Print Friendly

It’s no surprise to most readers that I hate buying printer ink. I find the process wasteful and expensive even if I recycle empty ink cartridges. You can imagine my joy when I found a free utility that saves ink and paper. It does this by allowing me to select the items from a web page I wish to print. It even saves web pages as a PDF file.
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Windows recovery settings

Troubleshoot Windows 10 with Built-In Tools

This tutorial outlines 5 Windows tools that can help you troubleshoot and fix WIndows 10 issues. They range from using Safe Mode to rolling back bad software drivers.
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outlook autocomplete option

Advantages of Outlook AutoComplete

Microsoft Outlook has some nice productivity features for email addresses called AutoComplete and AutoResolve. Each offers conveniences, but there are differences between the two. And if you're not careful, one of these can cause problems.
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Alexa account history menu

When Alexa Voice Recognition Gets it Wrong

Image my surprise this morning when I looked at my To Do list and saw, "do a review on grimm kermit call marilee". I stared at the screen for a good 20 seconds hoping something would pop to mind. I was stumped. Fortunately, I could tell the task had been placed the day before by Alexa. Now, the question was how to figure out what Alexa voice recognition heard. It was time to go to the source.
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Add new routine

Alexa Routines Show Promise and Limitations

It shouldn't be any surprise that I'm an Amazon Alexa fan. Naturally, I was intrigued when Alexa added a new feature called "Routines". As the name suggests, it allows you to standardize certain actions for consistency. In theory, this works well, but it didn't give me the flexibility I expected. I was hoping that anything I could speak, I could use in a routine. However, it's still something worth exploring as it can make things easier.
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error message for missing WMVCore.dll

Fix Missing WMVCore.dll File in Windows 10

Upgrading to Windows 10 has been amazingly smooth for me and worth the effort. But, you might encounter some compatibility errors about missing files. One case is WMVcore.dll. The solution is to get Microsoft's Media Feature Pack.
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Benefits of Online Scheduling Systems

Benefits of Online Scheduling Systems

After I left the corporate world, one hard thing for me was being efficient with my time. Like many professionals, I needed an appointment scheduling tool that allowed access to me, whether it was a 15 minute phone call or a 2 hour meeting with various parties. I needed some way that could replace the enterprise meeting planner, but without the cost.
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server log snapshot

Web Server Logs and Privacy

This article provides a breakdown of web server log fields and example data you might see. I also indicate how and why people might use the data.
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