Connect to FTP Sites with a Web Browser


The acronym FTP may sound new, but it is a well-established transfer protocol. Webmasters use FTP software to upload files from their computer to a web server. Some companies use FTP to distribute software updates, patches and forms. Although you can use dedicated FTP clients such as CuteFTP, WS_FTP and others, it’s easy to connect to FTP servers using your browser if you know the FTP browser syntax.

How to Add Image to Outlook Signature

One way to personalize your email or promote your corporate identity is with email signatures. Often I find people either don’t know how to create or edit these signatures in Outlook. This is unfortunate as the Signature area is a useful feature that can be used for many scenarios.

Quick Guide to MAC Addresses & Filtering

Results of ipconf command and highlighted addresses.

MAC addresses: essential but often overlooked. Learn their format, how to find them, and how to use MAC filtering as a security measure. Want to selectively control network access and consider potential cloning issues? This article has the insights you need.

Check Your Smartphone Call Blocking Options

Do Not Contact panel showing calls allowed from contacts.

Cell phones are a fantastic convenience, but they come with unexpected surprises like unwanted phone calls. Maybe your cell phone number was recycled or your number appeared in some directory for a business. Regardless of the cause, solutions are popping up ranging from downloadable apps and 3rd party services that can help manage the experience.