Alexa Routines Show Promise and Limitations

Add new routine

It shouldn’t be any surprise that I’m an Amazon Alexa fan. Naturally, I was intrigued when Alexa added a new feature called “Routines”. As the name suggests, it allows you to standardize certain actions for consistency. In theory, this works well, but it didn’t give me the flexibility I expected. I was hoping that anything I could speak, I could use in a routine. However, it’s still something worth exploring as it can make things easier.

Be Vigilant Online: How to Avoid Falling for Suspicious URLs

Cloudflare Radar scan showing expanded URL and no risks.

This article delves into the common scenarios of encountering potentially harmful URLs. Learn to investigate sender behaviors, recognize red flags, and uncover the characteristics of suspicious URLs. Discover tips for checking short URL addresses and utilizing multiple tools to enhance your online security. Stay informed, ask questions, and be prepared for the unexpected while teaching your kids about the dangers of unknown links.

Essential Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts & Customization

Toggle for Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to enhance your productivity. The benefits are compounded the more you use a program like Gmail. The problem is learning them and committing them to memory. In the case of Gmail, there are quite a few and some don’t seem intuitive to me.

Stop Being Lazy and Get a Password Manager

Bitwarden generator panel.

Are you tired of remembering countless passwords? A password manager is your solution. It securely stores your passwords, generates strong ones, and fills them in for you. It’s more than just a password tool; it can handle license numbers, notes, and more. With minimal cost and maximum benefits, it’s time to stop being lazy and get a password manager.

Could Your Printer Be Vulnerable to an Attack?

default printer settings

I know we’re sick of security warnings, myself included. But have you ever thought of your printer as a security threat? A recent article by Tenable, a network security firm, referenced some unexpected issues with a line of Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers including the default settings. Regardless of your brand, I would be inclined to check your printer settings. The reason is that automatic updates may not be enabled.

See Which Apps Access Your Google Account

connected apps to your Google account

We’re living in an interconnected world which offers a lot of conveniences. We can use Google, Facebook, OAuth to connect us to online services and apps. The downside is that there are more “bad actors” trying to trick us and gain access to our info.

Can Your Eyes Spot this Security Problem?

Example of IDN code in address bar.

This is a time when people like to hunt for Easter eggs. Either the traditional ones or the clever ones that are hidden by software vendors. Both of these are fun. However, this one is more a rotten egg and it could cost us dearly if we don’t pay attention. And it all starts with punycodes and fake domains. The good news is there are several workarounds.

How to Reduce Image File Size & Keep Quality

Squoosh app and controls.

Have you ever had one of those photos that you wanted to share or upload only to find out there was a file size restriction? Professional photographers and designers know how to make a picture smaller. Fortunately, some easy and free online picture optimization services can reduce image file size without sacrificing quality. See which one was our winner.

Pair Authenticator Apps & 2FA Sites to Secure Your Accounts

2FA Directory with callouts.

Ever wondered about the safety of your online accounts? Learn about 2FA, a digital guardian for your data and authenticator apps. While hackers are becoming smarter, 2FA offers a reliable barrier. It’s not just about passwords anymore; it’s about having that extra layer of security. See how easy it is to set up.

How to Handle Fake Security Warnings

Fake virus alerts that appear in your web browser appear to be on the rise. The objective of these alerts is to have you buy a service you don’t need. There are ways you can spot these annoyances and get rid of them.

How to Change Chrome Notifications

Push notification example in Chrome

Do you find you’re seeing more browser push notifications? Some of these are quite useful, but others are a result of me clicking to allow something in my haste. This week, I hit the tipping point. Each time the little box would push out from the right side of Chrome, I’d want to smack it. While that might make me feel good, the better solution was to change my browser settings.

Windows Metered Connection: The Money-Saving Tool to Know

metered connection toggle

Discover the power of a metered connection in Windows. This tutorial guides you through the process of setting it up, helping you avoid unexpected data charges. Learn how to control your data usage effectively and save money. Don’t let automatic updates consume your data.

Fix Missing WMVCore.dll File in Windows 10

error message for missing WMVCore.dll

Upgrading to Windows 10 has been amazingly smooth for me and worth the effort. But, you might encounter some compatibility errors about missing files. One case is WMVcore.dll. The solution is to get Microsoft’s Media Feature Pack.

Master Big Ideas with Heroic (Optimize.Me)

Optimize.Me Learning Category.

Are you time-starved? You have too many things to do coupled with too many distractions. This can be a hindrance to personal development. If you feel overwhelmed, you’ll appreciate Optimize. It’s a free service that teaches the key concepts from great non-fiction books in topics ranging from Productivity to Conquering Depression. Best of all, the lessons are easy to fit into your schedule.

Keeping it Simple with Momentum

momentum dashboard in Chrome

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by task managers or to do applications, you should check out the Momentum extension that works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. It provides a simple dashboard with changing images and quotes. Includes a short video that highlights the key features.