Protect Your Online Accounts with 2FA

Cloudflare two-factor authentication dialog.

Recently, I met a friend who looked stressed. He returned home from work only to find out that someone had broken into his online accounts. Naturally, he was concerned about the data, but also the amount of time it would take to fix the problem. I told him an easy way to reduce the risk of account breaches is to use something called “two factor authentication” or 2FA. But, it has some issues if you’re not careful.

How to Handle Fake Security Warnings

Fake virus alerts that appear in your web browser appear to be on the rise. The objective of these alerts is to have you buy a service you don’t need. There are ways you can spot these annoyances and get rid of them.

How to Change Chrome Notifications

Push notification example in Chrome

Do you find you’re seeing more browser push notifications? Some of these are quite useful, but others are a result of me clicking to allow something in my haste. This week, I hit the tipping point. Each time the little box would push out from the right side of Chrome, I’d want to smack it. While that might make me feel good, the better solution was to change my browser settings.

Master Big Ideas with Optimize.Me

Optimize.Me Learning Category.

Are you time-starved? You have too many things to do coupled with too many distractions. This can be a hindrance to personal development. If you feel overwhelmed, you’ll appreciate Optimize. It’s a free service that teaches the key concepts from great non-fiction books in topics ranging from Productivity to Conquering Depression. Best of all, the lessons are easy to fit into your schedule.

Keeping it Simple with Momentum

momentum dashboard in Chrome

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by task managers or to do applications, you should check out the Momentum extension that works with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox. It provides a simple dashboard with changing images and quotes. Includes a short video that highlights the key features.

Printing Text in Reverse

apply rotation value for X axis

Sometimes it’s the little things that trip you up like figuring out how to print text in reverse. I’m not trying to imitate Da Vinci and his mirror fonts. Instead, I was trying to do a t-shirt transfer with a quote. It seems there are many ways to solve this problem. You could also use this technique to baffle your boss with backwards emails.

The Value of Saying No

Last night, I attended an event where several speakers stressed commitment. While many in the audience nodded in agreement, I cringed. The reaction had nothing to do with the speakers, but how I think the word has lost value. The problem is we often say we’ll do something, but fail in the execution.