How to Change Chrome Notifications

Do you find you see more browser push notifications these days? Some of these are quite useful, but others result from me clicking to allow something in my haste. This week, I hit the tipping point. Each time the little box would push out from the right side of Chrome, I’d want to smack it. While that might make me feel good, the better solution was to change my chrome notification settings.

What Are Chrome Notifications

As a point of clarification, these push notifications are not the same thing as what you might see in the Windows Action Center. They are also different from Chrome browser pop-ups. Instead, these notifications are “pushed” out from various websites. They usually alert you of new site content, but it might be a calendar event. Typically they appear in the bottom right of your browser, as the example below illustrates.

Push notification example in Chrome
Push notification in lower-right

Before getting these notices, you probably saw a notice like the one below. You may not remember allowing these alerts, but at some point, you were given a choice. It’s easy to click the Allow button without thinking of the outcome. After all, if you’ve never seen one of these messages, you really don’t know what to expect. People sometimes think the website won’t display properly if they block notifications.

Allow or block notifications question box.
Prompt to allow push notifications

How to Disable Chrome Notifications

The easiest way is to disable the notification when you receive it. Right-click the notification, and you’ll get a prompt that reads Disable notifications from “domain name.”

The second way is to go into your Chrome browser settings. This method allows you to change notifications en-masse or individually.

  1. In your browser address bar type:.
  1. The Notifications panel appears.
Notifications panel with send notification toggle off.
Notifications toggle switch in “Off” mode
  1. If you don’t want any notifications, disable the Sites can ask to send notifications toggle.

How to Change Chrome Notification Settings

There are times when you may wish to change an existing setting. Google refers to this as managing exceptions. For non-Google sites, you can change a site’s permissions. In some cases, a browser extension may control these notifications.

  1. In your browser address bar type:
  1. Scroll down to the site you wish to adjust and click the right-triangle icon.
Notifications Allow area with arrow pointing to controls.
  1. This will open the Permissions for that site.
  2. Scroll to the Notifications line and click Click the ▼ icon.
Drop-down menu for changing notifications.
  1. Make your new selection.

Chrome notifications are neither “good” nor “bad.” It really depends on the specific site and how important the information is to you.