How to Avoid #DIV/0 Errors in Excel

Spreadsheet show 2 examples of DIV 0 error

Ever received an Excel spreadsheet with those crazy divide by zero errors – #DIV/0!? It’s an annoyance as it just draws the eye to the wrong cell. Instead, take 5 minutes to apply this fix so you can concentrate on the important parts.

How to Use Excel Pivot Tables to Organize Data

Marked up pivot table showing precincts.

Excel pivot tables are a feature that you should learn how to use. Instead of analyzing countless spreadsheet records, these tables can aggregate your information and show a new perspective in a few steps. You can move columns to rows or vice versa. This short tutorial can get you started with your data analysis. (Check Resources section for pivot table example data.)

How to Use IF Function in Excel

Example of IF function and arguments.

One way to make your Excel spreadsheets smarter is to use the IF function. The program will evaluate one field to see if it’s true and enter a new value based on whether the condition was met. This article and sample worksheet shows a simple example of calculating an allowance.

Simple Methods to Copy Excel Formula Values

Recently I was watching an Excel product review and noticed the author copy Excel values from a formula into another column. This was fine, but then he deleted the column with the formula. Sound familiar? In this tutorial, Ill show you two faster and easier ways to overwrite formulas with their values. (Includes video demo and sample spreadsheet.)

How to Sort by Color in Excel

Excel allows you to sort your columns and rows by lots of ways. One less obvious way is to sort items by color. This is handy if you apply a background color to a cell or different font color. This tutorial explains how to do the sort. You can also filter by color.

Use VBA Function to Show Excel Filter Criteria

excel with filter criteria displayed

Have you ever received an Excel file and wondered how it was filtered without checking each column’s data filter? Or, maybe you needed to send a file and show your filters. That was a problem I faced recently when I started with a list of 3200 non-profits for the county. I needed a ...