Spreadsheet show 2 examples of DIV 0 error

How to Prevent #DIV/0 Errors in Excel

Ever received an Excel spreadsheet with those crazy divide by zero errors - #DIV/0!? It's an annoyance as it just draws the eye to the wrong cell. Instead, take 5 minutes to apply this fix so you can concentrate on the important parts.
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IF condition based on percentate

The Basics of the Excel IF Function

One way to make your Excel spreadsheets smarter is to use the IF function. The program will evaluate one field to see if it's true and enter a new value based on whether the condition was met. This article and sample worksheet shows a simple example of calculating an allowance.
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data bar only

Use Excel Conditional Formatting to Highlight Cells

The problem with many Excel spreadsheets is they make the reader find the key information rather than using Excel to highlight these cells. Fortunately, Excel's conditional formatting can make your data automatically stand out.
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Excel form example

Excel Data Forms Make Data Entry Easy

Of all the work related items I need to do, the one I hate is data entry. It's mind numbing and given the chance, I'll make mistakes. One way I found to make the process easier is to use the Excel data form. It's great when the records span across many cells.
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3 Main Freeze Pane Options

How to Freeze Panes in Excel – 4 Easy Examples

Recently, I volunteered to help a friend on a project which required delivering a weekly Excel summary. When I asked my friend how the spreadsheet looked, he hesitated. He looked me in the eyes and said, "It's too complicated". My immediate reaction was disappointment. I knew the one I produced was simpler, but I didn't know what "too complicated" meant. It turns out the data was fine. I simply needed to show him how to freeze the Excel columns to make scrolling easier.
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Solver results on top of original results.

Quick Guide to Microsoft Excel Solver

Some time back, I wrote an article about a useful function in Microsoft Excel called Goal Seek. It quickly allows you to solve easy “what-if” scenarios. Although helpful, it comes with limitations. However, Microsoft has a more powerful add-in analysis tool called Excel Solver that overcomes these issues. You can even add a constraint.
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Beginners Guide to EXCEL XLOOKUP

Beginners Guide to EXCEL XLOOKUP

One of the more exciting software features to be released in Excel is the XLOOKUP function. Just looking at the name, you might think I did a typo and meant vlookup. No, this is an entirely new spreadsheet function that makes looking up data easier with fewer limitations on your lookup column.
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Excel Ribbon Display Options

Customize Excel Ribbon for Your Needs

One issue I run into with this site is software updates. I'll be updating an article and low and behold, something is missing or changed. Usually, this is a result of software changes. The area that is impacted the most is the Excel Ribbon. In two articles, I noticed I was missing the Forms button and in the other case, the Excel Developer tab. Both issues are easily fixed when you know how to customize the ribbon.
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Excel function dialog for RANDBETWEEN

Easy Excel Random Number Generator

Earlier this month, I got a request from a manager in town asking if I could randomly select 150 people from a membership list. No darts allowed. I think the purpose was to do a survey, but maybe it was to select contest winners. It turns out that Microsoft Excel has a random number generator which was the key to my solution.
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excel with filter criteria displayed

Use VBA Function to Show Excel Filter Criteria

Have you ever received an Excel file and wondered how it was filtered without checking each column’s data filter? Or,
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