How Do I Sum Colored Cells in Excel

Excel subtotal formula.

Are you a Microsoft Excel user who loves adding a background cell color? The benefit of colored cells is that it makes important information stand out. Another helpful feature is that it’s easy to act on the colors. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to sum colored cells in Excel. You won’t need to write any VBA code or use the get.cell function.


Excel Formulas to Check If Cell Contains Specific Text

Have you ever struggled to find words within an Excel cell? For example, the cell contains multiple words, but you’re looking for a specific word. Believe it or not, but there is no CONTAINS function Excel. In this tutorial, I’ll show several methods including SEARCH and MATCH to check if cell contains specific text.


Excel Hack: How to Convert Month to Number in No Time

Excel month arguments dialog and result.

Need to convert month names to numbers in Excel? Recently, I compiled a list of dates from a friend’s website and faced this challenge. In this quick tutorial, I’ll guide you on how to change the text string to numerical data using Excel’s MONTH function. For instance, we’ll transform March into 3.


How to Keep Leading Zeros in Excel (Solutions & Sample Files)

Example of dropped zero in zip code

Are you struggling with disappearing leading zeros in Excel? We’ve got some solutions that will keep those zeros right where they belong. Imagine the ease and accuracy you’ll experience when your zip codes or other data retain their correct formatting. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to keep leading zeros in Excel.


XLOOKUP Tutorial: Effortlessly Find Matching Data in Excel

In this XLOOKUP tutorial, you’ll learn how to streamline Excel data lookups and be more efficient. If you struggle to find matching data across worksheets or within large datasets, XLOOKUP can simplify your workflow. Start learning the basics of its syntax with this tutorial and practice file.


How to Split Names in Excel for Cleaner Data

Excel formula to parse name

Learn how to separate names in Excel to boost productivity and improve data organization. This article teaches you various techniques, including using the Text to Columns tool, formulas like LEFT, RIGHT, and MID, and the powerful Flash Fill function. Apply these methods to streamline your workflow and make your data more manageable.

Easy Excel Random Number Generator

Randbetween function.

Recently, I got a request from our city manager asking if I could randomly select 150 people from a list of names. I think the purpose was to do a survey, but maybe it was to select contest winners. I didn’t ask. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to generate random numbers in Excel. Includes an extra function if you’re a Microsoft 365 subscriber.


How to Count Characters in Excel

Function Arguments dialog with cell C2 in Text field.

A reader posed an interesting conversion problem between an old database and a new online one. She wanted to use an Excel file to move the data from one system to another. However, the new system would not accept field values longer than a certain number of characters. In this tutorial, I’ll show how to check the character count in Excel using the LEN function.


Excel VLOOKUP Made Easy – Learn Basics with Practice File & Video

VLOOKUP example with lookup table

Have you ever found yourself lost in a sea of data spread across multiple columns and worksheets in Excel? Worse, you need a way to connect items. In this Microsoft Excel VLOOKUP tutorial, you’ll learn how to use VLOOKUP using two examples with different match types. (Includes free downloadable Excel VLOOKUP practice sheets and video tutorial.)


Discover Easy Formulas to Extract Text from Excel Cell

Street address column values copied into new columns.

Need to extract specific parts of text from an Excel cell? This guide and practice spreadsheet will show you how, whether it’s an address, phone number, or part of a product description. We’ll explore straightforward techniques, including Excel formulas, to isolate your text and make your Excel data easier to manage.


Convert Excel Columns to Rows for Easier Analysis

Transposed table in Excel

Ever found yourself wishing you could easily flip your Excel data from columns to rows (or vice versa)? This common task can trip up even experienced Excel users. In this tutorial, I’ll share a few simple methods on how to convert columns to rows in Microsoft Excel, helping you analyze your spreadsheets with greater flexibility. (Includes downloadable practice file.)