Video: How to Delete Gmail by Sender

This video complements the how to delete Gmail in bulk tutorial. The full transcript appears under the video.


Video Transcript

In this video, I’m going to show you two ways to bulk delete emails from one or more senders. For the first example, I’ll delete emails from a mailing list I’m subscribed to. The key is to find an example email you wish to delete, such as the emails I get from Udacity courses. I can either enter Udacity into the search text box or open one of their emails.

Since I have one in my Inbox, I’ll use it. Just above the email title is a row of icons. If you don’t see the icons, try clicking the Inbox label to the left. The icon I want is the three vertical dot icon at the end. It’s the More icon. Clicking this icon provides a dropdown menu with more options. I want to click Filter messages like these.

Later I’ll show how to delete from multiple senders.

In this example, Google has created a filter based on the email address. Click the blue Search button in the lower right. Your screen will change, and you should see the emails from this list address. In my case, I’m seeing the first 50 of many emails.

Just above the email address, you’ll see a selection checkbox with a small triangle to the right. If you click the triangle, you can also set a secondary filter, such as Status Starred, Read, et cetera. I’ll select All.

Notice I have a banner at the top that says all 50 emails on this page are selected. However, to the right is another link that says Select all conversations that match this search. I want to use this link so I don’t have to delete multiple pages of 50 emails. The banner text changes to read all conversations in this search are selected. Again, go to the icon bar and click the trash can.

You’ll get a popup dialogue confirming your bulk action. Click OK. Your screen may show a loading notice at the top. Let’s click the Inbox label to do another example, where I’ll delete emails from multiple email addresses.

Again, I’ll look for example emails. I’ll use Marketing Brew and Monday Morning Memo. This time I’ll check the box to the left of the example emails. Again, I’ll go to the More menu and select Filter messages like these. Notice in this case my From address has both sender email addresses, separated by the word Or. Again, click the Search button.

If you scan your list, you will see occurrences from both email addresses. Click the small triangle to the right of the checkbox and select All. Click Select all conversations that match this search. Click the trash can. Click OK to confirm your bulk deletion. Gmail will now delete those emails. Based on the number of emails, it may take a little bit.

As you’ve seen, Gmail is pretty flexible when it comes to deleting emails. I just showed two easy examples.

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