Video: Create Gmail Distribution List

This video below complements the How to Create a Distribution List in Gmail. The transcript can be found below the video.


Video Transcript

In this video, I’m going to show you how to build a distribution or email list in Gmail. For this demo, I’ll be using the free version of Google Workspace, but these steps work the same way in the paid version.

To begin, open your Google Contacts Manager. You can get to your contacts with the address,

On the left side, you will see your navigation options. On the right side, we have our contacts. This is a sample data set with email addresses.

Start by hovering over the icon for the first contact you’d like to add. This might be a circular letter or image. Notice how the icon changes to a checkbox and you have a new row of icons at the top.

Check each contact you’d like to add to your list.

Now click the icon that looks like a price tag. This is the Manage Labels button. Google used to call these Groups. You can also apply more than one label to any contact.

Give your label or group a distinctive name. I’ll choose, Example 1.

Click Save. You should see your new label name showing on each of the contacts you selected.

On the left side, you should see your new label and record count. You can also edit any contact and remove them from your group.

Now that our group is created, we can send an email to it. This means any contact who has that label and an email address will be included.

Open Gmail and start a new message. In the TO: field, type your label name. In my case, I used Example 1. Notice how Google starts to show the emails for the people in the group.

Click to select your group. If your new list name doesn’t show, try logging out of Gmail and then log back in.

Thanks for watching and remember to read the full tutorial for additional tips.