Listing of all cookies sorted by domain.

Easy Ways to Clear Cookies in Chrome

I'm a creature of habit and each Wednesday I go to my local supermarket's website to see the specials. Certain of these specials are unique to me so I need to log in to see them. This week I couldn't log in. Each time I got a message saying my session expired and to log in again. I had a pretty good idea that the problem was with some site cookie. The good news is there are multiple ways to clear cookies for one site with Google Chrome.
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Adding a domain

Managing Pop-Ups with Google Chrome

Many of us have been conditioned to block pop-ups in our web browsers. I do this because most of them are intrusive and hinder me from reading. The problem is sometimes you need pop-ups as they are part of the site. This happened to me when I was going through an online course. Fortunately, Google has a way to selectively allow pop-ups in these cases.
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Push notification example in Chrome

How to Change Chrome Notifications

Do you find you're seeing more browser push notifications? Some of these are quite useful, but others are a result of me clicking to allow something in my haste. This week, I hit the tipping point. Each time the little box would push out from the right side of Chrome, I'd want to smack it. While that might make me feel good, the better solution was to change my browser settings.
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connected apps to your Google account

See Which Apps Access Your Google Account

We’re living in an interconnected world which offers a lot of conveniences. We can use Google, Facebook, OAuth to connect us to online services and apps. The downside is that there are more “bad actors” trying to trick us and gain access to our info.
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filter web history with search box

Using Browser History to Find Elusive Pages

Ever had the situation where you need to go back to a web page you visited but can’t recall the URL or site? This happened to me this week. I knew the site name, but not the specific page. My attempts to find it using the site’s search didn’t work well. I couldn’t recall the right words and got too many results. And then I remembered I could find the page using my browser history.
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