Understanding Google’s Other Contacts

Google Contacts is designed to help any Google account holder with an easy way to manage their contact list, similar to other contact management tools. However, you may see some strange address records that show up. These are called “Other Contacts.” In this tutorial, I’ll explain what are “Other contacts” and what you can do with them.


Easy Fixes to Make Email Links Open Gmail

Dev tools responds with "undefined"

Somedays, I want to scream when things break. For example when you click an email link on a web page and it should open your default email application. Instead of getting Gmail to open in my browser, I was staring at the Microsoft Store email app. In this tutorial, I’ll show how to make mailto links open in Gmail


Essential Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts & Customization

Toggle for Gmail keyboard shortcuts.

Gmail is an integral part of our lives. It has become a way to communicate with others, share ideas and collaborate on projects. However, one downside is that it can be time-consuming because you’re constantly switching screens between your email inbox and other apps. This tutorial will show the key Gmail shortcuts designed to help you be more efficient.


How to Delete an Email Address from Gmail Autofill

gmail suggesting emails for jane

Have you ever noticed that Gmail can keep email addresses forever? This is because they get added to your Gmail’s autocomplete list or autofill. Over time, these addresses can get outdated or entered incorrectly. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to delete an email address from your autofill email address list in Gmail for good.


Easy Ways to Bulk Delete Gmail

Filtering for Gmail address to delete

Are you like me and have a habit of letting your Gmail Inbox get big? Many of my emails are not a priority, such as promotional emails. In this tutorial,  I’ll show you how to bulk delete emails on Gmail using email addresses, text patterns, dates, statuses, and search operators.

Create Distribution Lists in Gmail

Gmail has become an integral part of our lives. It’s where we send emails, receive emails, organize our inboxes, and even manage our contacts. But did you know that you can also use Gmail to distribute email messages to multiple recipients at once? In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a distribution list in Gmail so you can easily send out mass emails to multiple people at once. (Includes Show Me Video.)