Video: How to Make a Letterhead in Word

This video compliments the full Word Letterhead tutorial. The transcript from this video can be found below.


Video Transcript

In this video I’m going to show you how to create a letterhead in Microsoft Word using the Header and Footer areas. We’ll also save this document as a letterhead template, so we can use it whenever we wish. If you’ve struggled with how to make a get template, this video will take you through all the steps. I’ve also added chapter marks, so you can jump to different sections. Let’s get started.

For this demo, I am using Office 365, but the steps should work with earlier versions. Step one, open a blank document in Microsoft Word.

Step two, click the view menu to make sure you’re in Print layout.

Step three, from the Insert menu, select Header. Notice how Word has many header styles.

Step four, click the style you prefer. I will use the top blank style. You’re now in design mode and you should see a Header marker tab to the left and placeholder text above.

Step five, while on the Design menu, click Pictures from the Insert section. Word will scale down your image if it’s too large. We can also resize it later.

Step six, the Insert file dialogue should be open. Find your image and click Insert. I’ll be using a SVG file, which makes it very easy to scale without looking grainy. Step seven, review your image. In my case I think the logo is too big.

Step eight, I’ll right-click the image and select Size and Position. Step nine, a dialogue appears with resizing options. I’m going to scale my logo down to 10% and keep the aspect ratio locked.

Step 10, click OK to accept the new size. Notice how my image is left aligned, which I don’t want so I’ll change it.

Step 11, click your image.

Step 12, click Home.

Step 13, click the Center alignment button in the Paragraph section. We can now close the Header section unless we want to add more text. In my case I’m okay.

Now that we have the header done, we can create our footer. The process is similar. In my case, I’ll be using this area for an address, but you could use images instead.

Step one, from the Insert menu, select Footer. As before Word will display a series of footer styles.

Step two, click the style you prefer. Again, I will use the blank style.

Step three, add your text in the lower section that shows Type here. I’ll use my mailing address.

Step four, if you wish to change the font, highlight your text and right-click. This will open the mini format bar.

Step five, another option step is aligning the text. In my case, I’ll click Home and then the Center text button.

Step six, double-click the small Footer marker at the top left to exit footer design mode. Now we’ll save our document as a template so we can use it on demand.

Step one, from the File menu select Save as.

Step two, give your template a meaningful name such as letterhead.

Step three, in the Save as dialogue, change the Save as type to Document Template.

Step four, click Save. At this point, you may want to print out your template to see how it looks. Sometimes printers show colors differently. Your saved template is in the Templates folder. Let’s start a new document with it.

From the backstage view of Word, click New . Under your recent documents, click the personal heading. You should now see the template you created. To use it click its thumbnail. You can now write your letter as normal.