Video: Find Devices Linked to Your Google Account

Below is a 4-minute video that supplements our tutorial on how to find devices that are logged into your Google account. You may find the full transcript below the video.

Video Transcript

This short demo will show you some of Google’s security features. In particular, I’ll show you how to see which devices have access to your Google account. To start, make sure you are logged into your Google account.

Next, type In your browser’s address bar. You can use any browser.

You can now see your devices at the top of the page. Google shows your logged in devices.

Hopefully,, they all look familiar to you. Each device has a profile box or tile. This box contains a small image, device name, location and access time.

The device you’re currently using will show a blue checkmark and any new devices will have a label at the top.

While some pictures are good, such as the iPad and phone, others are less so.

Fortunately, you can see more information by clicking the three vertical dots on the side. I’ll do that on this home panel.

This brings up a new menu where I can selectSelect “What’s this”. This menu also changes based on the device.

When I click “What’s this?” I get a pop up that provides additional info. I’ll click OK to dismiss.

I can also click the More Details link that shows at the bottom of the profile box.

Here I can see the Home group contains my Lenovo Kitchen display and a series of connected light bulbs. I’ll click the back arrow and look at my iPad.

Again, I’ll click “More details”. This time I have much more information. For example, if I lost the iPad, I could click the “Find device” button. I can also Sign out of a device.

This feature is very handy in case you lent the iPad to someone else, but it was still connected to your account. Or if you were over a friend’s house and logged into their iPad to check your email but forgot to log back out.

There is also a small link in the middle section called Show IP Address. Clicking this link will show the device IP address under the location.

I’ve partially blurred mine. I can also see which iPad I have and which web browser I’m using now.

If you don’t know a device, always click more details. It could be you do know the device, but the image or label is misleading. For example, this picture called Nexus Five X is my HP Chromebook.

However, if after looking at the details you still don’t recognize a device, I would sign out and I would probably change my Google account password to be safe.

Each of the three dot menus has a link to Sign out. That device will then move into the “Where you’ve signed out” section.

If you don’t log back into the device in 29 days, it will drop off this section.

Thanks for watching.