How To Speed Up Video Playback

YouTube speed selections

Have you noticed how much online video is on the web or available for download? At first, it was mainly online tutorials that I saw, but now we’ve got everything from full college courses to “how to” channels on YouTube. While there’s been an explosion of content, I’m still constrained by my time. I needed find a way to speed things up so I could watch more content in the same time. Below are several free and commercial tools that allow you to speed up your videos.

Be Selective and Print Friendly

Document after clicking Format.

It’s no surprise to most readers that I hate buying printer ink. I find the process wasteful and expensive even if I recycle empty ink cartridges. You can imagine my joy when I found a free utility that saves ink and paper. It does this by allowing me to select the items from a web page I wish to print. It even saves web pages as a PDF file.

3 Easy Ways to Block Website

OpenDNS custom categories.

The internet can be the world’s biggest distraction. Sometimes you need some simple steps to block access to various websites either on a permanent basis or maybe certain times of the day.

Webinar Tips for Presenters and Attendees

Webinar chat dialog about noise.

After attending seven live webinars in three days, I’m wondering if I got the return on my time. I was expecting these would be the best webinars based on the sales page and speakers. The advantage of viewing so many presentations in a short time is I could see patterns. I decided to convert these problems into webinar tips for presenters and attendees. Many of these tips are common sense and yet they were overlooked.

vCards -The Electronic Business Card

Example of .vcf file in VSCODE.

The easiest way to think of a vCard is as a “virtual” profile or business card. According to the RFC spec, “the profile is defined for representing and exchanging a variety of information about an individual (e.g., formatted and structured name and delivery addresses, email address, multiple telephone numbers, photograph, logo, audio clips, etc.). “

Find & Fix Error Messages

Ever feel like the error messages you see are in a different language than the one you speak? Even if you understand the words, you’re often left trying to determine the next step. Although some programs provide excellent error messages, others leave you wanting more information. Instead of bypassing the error, try using …

Connect to FTP Sites with a Web Browser


The acronym FTP may sound new, but it is a well-established transfer protocol. Webmasters use FTP software to upload files from their computer to a web server. Some companies use FTP to distribute software updates, patches and forms. Although you can use dedicated FTP clients such as CuteFTP, WS_FTP and others, it’s easy to connect to FTP servers using your browser if you know the FTP browser syntax.

Taking Control with Hosts Files

windows hosts file example

One of the lesser known, but important files included with Windows is the hosts file. It’s a simple text file without a file extension that was designed to map or override IP addresses before accessing a domain name server. Recently, it’s taken a more protective role in ad blocking and stopping spyware.