example of IDN code in address bar

Can Your Eyes Spot this Security Problem?

This is a time when people like to hunt for Easter eggs. Either the traditional ones or the clever ones that are hidden by software vendors. Both of these are fun. However, this one is more a rotten egg and it could cost us dearly if we don't pay attention. And it all starts with punycodes and fake domains. The good news is there are several workarounds.
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Push notification example in Chrome

How to Change Chrome Notifications

Do you find you're seeing more browser push notifications? Some of these are quite useful, but others are a result of me clicking to allow something in my haste. This week, I hit the tipping point. Each time the little box would push out from the right side of Chrome, I'd want to smack it. While that might make me feel good, the better solution was to change my browser settings.
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reduce element size

How to Fix Web Pages Where Text is Too Wide

The web is a wonderful place, but sometimes the pages don't work for me. It's not the content, but how they display. I'll find a site where the text is very wide or even full screen. On some monitors, this works well. Other times, the width makes it harder to read the page. Your eyes have to span the full screen and it's more tiring. But, with the use of your browser and a couple of tweaks, you can fix pages where the text is too wide.
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filter web history with search box

Using Browser History to Find Elusive Pages

Ever had the situation where you need to go back to a web page you visited but can’t recall the URL or site? This happened to me this week. I knew the site name, but not the specific page. My attempts to find it using the site’s search didn’t work well. I couldn’t recall the right words and got too many results. And then I remembered I could find the page using my browser history.
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Webinar chat dialog about noise.

Webinar Tips for Presenters and Attendees

After attending seven live webinars in three days, I'm wondering if I got the return on my time. I was expecting these would be the best webinars based on the sales page and speakers. The advantage of viewing so many presentations in a short time is I could see patterns. I decided to convert these problems into webinar tips for presenters and attendees. Many of these tips are common sense and yet they were overlooked.
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Document after clicking Format.

Be Selective and Print Friendly

It’s no surprise to most readers that I hate buying printer ink. I find the process wasteful and expensive even if I recycle empty ink cartridges. You can imagine my joy when I found a free utility that saves ink and paper. It does this by allowing me to select the items from a web page I wish to print. It even saves web pages as a PDF file.
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Benefits of Online Scheduling Systems

Benefits of Online Scheduling Systems

After I left the corporate world, one hard thing for me was being efficient with my time. Like many professionals, I needed an appointment scheduling tool that allowed access to me, whether it was a 15 minute phone call or a 2 hour meeting with various parties. I needed some way that could replace the enterprise meeting planner, but without the cost.
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server log snapshot

Web Server Logs and Privacy

This article provides a breakdown of web server log fields and example data you might see. I also indicate how and why people might use the data.
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cookie policy tool

You Can Control & Delete Your Cookies

We're introducing a new Privacy Policy section that allows you to control various site cookies. In addition, the tool will better explain the cookie's purpose so you can make a better decision.
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Easy Way to Find System Information

Are you or your customers using devices other than your PC to get things done online? The advantage is that you can use many services from any internet connected device. The downside is when you need help. Sometimes trying to figure out what your cell phone or tablet is running can be a challenge. Fortunately, there is an online tool from Imulus that can help find important support details and share them.
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