Airdoro - A New Type of Productivity Tool

Airdoro – A New Type of Productivity Tool

This May I was contacted by a product developer for a new device called Airdoro. After corresponding via email, he offered to send me an early prototype. This small device combines a Pomodoro timer with various environmental sensors to make a great office productivity tool.
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my key ring with Tile

How to Find Lost Items with Tile

Have you ever experienced the frustration of losing your keys and spending precious time looking for them? Instead of getting stressed, try one of these new Tile devices. They are small enough to fit on your key ring and communicate location information to your smart phone.
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Samsung SSD 850 box

Newfound Joys of a Solid State Hard Drive

SSD got my interest several years ago when my web host started switching from traditional hard disk drives (HDD) to the newer solid state drives. Despite the expense, they realized the advantages outweighed the disadvantages. There were 4 benefits I could see by switching. Overall, the project took less than an hour if you exclude the cloning time.
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