Recommended Resources

In this section, you will find a series of products and services that I recommend. Throughout the years, people have asked me what to buy, particularly around the holidays. However, I decided to make this a permanent section and it isn’t gift-focused. That’s not to say some of these items wouldn’t make a good gift.

Instead, these products are ones that I have used. The common denominator is the product or service helps me be more productive or improves my life in some fashion. You’ll find my quick take on the pros and cons as well as links. In some cases, the link may be an affiliate link or go to a more detailed review I’ve done.

If you’re not familiar with the term “affiliate “, it means that if you decide to purchase that product, I will earn some sort of reward or commission. I use the income to offset the cost of running the site. My commission has no bearing on your cost. I’ll also mark these products with an icon for you.

To make this easier, I’m also going to categorize these items. Again, I want to stay true to the core idea of productivity. I’ll also be adding items on a regular basis.


This may surprise many of you, but I haven’t owned a television for about 15 years. I’ve reallocated that time and tend to read a lot. In the last several years, much of that has been done on electronic devices. Yes, you’ll find my favorite readers under the Tech Gadgets section. Don’t expect this section to have fiction items or full-fledged book reviews. However, I will provide a synopsis of the book and why I liked it. I’ll also include some services I use too.


I think I probably enjoy learning more now than when I was in school. I suspect this is because I can choose the subject matter. This section will include both services I use that offer lots of courses as well as specific courses.

Online Services

I may have to rename this category as it sounds a bit generic to me. All the same, it will include everything from backup services to email providers.