setting disk cleanup options

Easy Disk Cleanup with Scheduled Tasks

Windows has some built-in tools that allow you to do scheduled maintenance on your PC. For example, you can automate disk cleanups by using a combination of sagesets and Task Scheduler.
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Kindle popular highlight

Kindle for PC Offers Great Benefits

Like many readers, I own an Amazon Kindle. What you may not know is that when it comes to learning and studying books, product manuals or PDFs, I often use the free version - “Kindle for PC”. There is a comparable version for the Mac.
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PRN File Setup: add print wizard

PRN Files Fill the Gaps

A friend sent me an email with an interesting problem. He had a report he needed to share with another team member, but they didn't have the program that he used to create the report. There also wasn't a common file format they used. I suggested he try sending a .PRN file or printer text file. This solution also works if you ever lose your printer at work and need to send files elsewhere to print.
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Skype optios from notifications area

Alternate Way to Close Skype in Windows 10

If you can't close Skype from the Windows 10 taskbar, you're not alone. And there is an easy solution.
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windows performance options settings

4 Easy Windows 7 Tweaks

In looking at my web analytics for the past month, I see the most popular operating system with viewers remains Windows 7. To help those folks, I've put together a list of my favorite tweaks k tweaks that can improve file access, power options and system performance whether you’re on a netbook, notebook or desktop.
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