Video Player Controls

On some tutorials, you will see an embedded video. The video player is similar to many but does offer some additional features. By design, the videos will not auto-play, so you will have to press the play button. The screenshot below is taken from the Word letterhead template tutorial.

Another feature is that the player will remember your place. For example, if you stopped at the 2-minute mark of a video and returned several days later, the video would start where you left off.

Video player with feature callout markers.

[A] This is the Play button. You can also use the smaller one on the bottom video control bar.

[B] This Rewind button rewinds the video 10 seconds.

[C] This Advance button advances the video 10 seconds. If you wish to adjust the playback speed for the entire video, you would use [G].

[D] This Chapters button shows the various chapters included in the video. In addition, this button allows you to skip to a specific section.

[E] This is the volume slider. If you wish to mute the sound, click the sound icon to the left.

[F] This is the Caption control. By default, the captions are on, but you may turn them off.

[G] This is the Player setting icon. You may control video quality and playback speed. For example, you may either slow down the video to half speed or speed up to 4x.

[H] This is the Full-screen mode control. To exit from full-screen, press your Esc key.

Chapter Marks

I’ve tried to keep the videos short. Even then, I sometimes add Chapter marks. These allow you to jump to specific sections. This can be helpful if you want to rewatch a section or skip items.

If you click the [D] Chapter button, you can see what’s available. Another way to skip to the chapter is to look for the small white circle icons on the timeline. Each circle corresponds to a chapter. You can see the title if you hover over the circle with your mouse.