Recurring and Regenerated Tasks in Outlook

Task recurrence dialog with Regenerate option selected.

Microsoft Outlook provides several ways to create tasks and due dates. Most users are comfortable with entering a single task or even one that repeats on a regular schedule. Another task option is useful and flexible when creating a task based on completing the previous task. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a regenerating task in Outlook.

Advantages of Outlook AutoComplete

outlook autocomplete option

Microsoft Outlook has some nice productivity features for email addresses called AutoComplete and AutoResolve. Each offers conveniences, but there are differences between the two. And if you’re not careful, one of these can cause problems.

Organizing with Outlook Categories

When people start using Microsoft Outlook, they enter countless pieces of information. Sometimes this is a brain dump of items floating around in their head. Other times, it’s a focused list of items. This is a good start, and many executive coaches and consultants tell you to enter the information first and then classify. In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to use Microsoft Outlook categories to organize your data better.

How to Add Image to Outlook Signature

One way to personalize your email or promote your corporate identity is with email signatures. Often I find people either don’t know how to create or edit these signatures in Outlook. This is unfortunate as the Signature area is a useful feature that can be used for many scenarios.