Example of PCODE named range.

Quick Intro to Excel Named Ranges

Excel has a the ability to set a range of cells and give them a name. You may have seen this when you print a certain area by highlighting the columns and rows. However, that same feature can be used in other areas such formulas. It makes interpreting your worksheet much easier.
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Cusotm list dialog with import range.

Learn the Benefits of an Excel Custom List

Microsoft Excel has some nice features that can save repetitive typing. One that people are familiar with is using a fill series for continuous cells. These are often common values or series such as numbers, dates and months. This feature is called an Excel Custom List and can be used for a creating repetitive data series that you might use in the office or at home.
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Excel macro dialog box.

Excel Macro Editor Basics

This Excel tutorial is the follow up to the previous article we did on using Excel's built-in macro recorder. It will introduce you to the macro editor and layout so you can create or edit your own macros. It's also a great way to learn how the macros work.
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Record macro dialog box

Simplifying the Excel Macro Recorder

If you've ever wanted to dabble with Excel macros, this tutorial and video on the macro recorder will get you started. Includes a sample workbook link so you can follow along.
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Email addresses that didn't validate

How to Use Excel to Find Invalid Email Addresses

This week was one where multiple requests converged. I had two friends that needed to send emails to their customers. One had their information in an Excel spreadsheet and the other exported their internal databases to Excel. Both thought there were problems with many email addresses and wanted to know if there was an easy way to find invalid email addresses before sending out the emails.
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