Quick Intro to Excel Named Ranges

Example of PCODE named range.

Excel has a the ability to set a range of cells and give them a name. You may have seen this when you print a certain area by highlighting the columns and rows. However, that same feature can be used in other areas such formulas. It makes interpreting your worksheet much easier.

Excel Tables Offers Hidden Benefits

Excel table example

Yogi Berra once said, “You can observe a lot by just watching”. In this case, I was watching someone work with Excel doing various things to make the spreadsheet more usable. I suggested to my co-worker that he could reduce steps by creating an Excel Table. And no, I’m not talking about pivot tables but something much simpler and equally powerful.

Limit Mistakes with Excel Dependent Drop Down Lists

excel dependent list

This Excel tutorial shows you how to build a worksheet using dependent lists. In other words, the selection you make from one list defines the options on the next list. For example, if you select California from one list, the next list filters your selection to just California agents. Includes sample Excel worksheet.

Find & Fix Excel Formula Errors

Sometimes the best way to learn something is from our mistakes. There have been countless times where simple Excel formula errors have caused much frustration. This short guide shows some common examples and how to fix these errors using Excel’s Formula Auditing tools. And sometimes, the fix is as simple as adding punctuation.

How to Find Invalid Email Addresses in Excel

Email addresses that didn't validate

This week was one where multiple requests converged. I had two friends that needed to send emails to their customers. One had their information in an Excel spreadsheet and the other exported their internal databases to Excel. Both thought there were problems with many email addresses and wanted to know if there was an easy way to find invalid email addresses before sending out the emails.

Excel Macro Editor Basics

Excel macro dialog box.

This Excel tutorial is the follow up to the previous article we did on using Excel’s built-in macro recorder. It will introduce you to the macro editor and layout so you can create or edit your own macros. It’s also a great way to learn how the macros work.