Skype optios from notifications area

Alternate Way to Close Skype in Windows 10

If you can't close Skype from the Windows 10 taskbar, you're not alone. And there is an easy solution.
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windows performance options settings

4 Easy Windows 7 Tweaks

In looking at my web analytics for the past month, I see the most popular operating system with viewers remains Windows 7. To help those folks, I've put together a list of my favorite tweaks k tweaks that can improve file access, power options and system performance whether you’re on a netbook, notebook or desktop.
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Windows Live Mail with ghost image

Create Image Signatures in Windows Mail or Live Mail

The default email signatures for Windows Mail is plain text. With a little time, you can spice up the emails to include an image as well.
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Easy Way to Find System Information

Are you or your customers using devices other than your PC to get things done online? The advantage is that you can use many services from any internet connected device. The downside is when you need help. Sometimes trying to figure out what your cell phone or tablet is running can be a challenge. Fortunately, there is an online tool from Imulus that can help find important support details and share them.
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