Understanding Differences Between Windows Hibernate and Sleep

Understanding Differences Between Windows Hibernate and Sleep

Do you know the differences between Windows Stand By and Hibernate? These two Windows XP shutdown options often confuse people. These power saving options offer advantages, but it’s important to know the differences when creating a power scheme for your notebook or desktop.
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setting disk cleanup options

Easy Disk Cleanup with Scheduled Tasks

Windows has some built-in tools that allow you to do scheduled maintenance on your PC. For example, you can automate disk cleanups by using a combination of sagesets and Task Scheduler.
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Kindle popular highlight

Kindle for PC Offers Great Benefits

Like many readers, I own an Amazon Kindle. What you may not know is that when it comes to learning and studying books, product manuals or PDFs, I often use the free version - “Kindle for PC”. There is a comparable version for the Mac.
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InSpectre summary results

InSpectre Takes the Guesswork Out of Meltdown & Spectre

One of the biggest security problems to hit this year has to do with some design flaws with various computer processor chips from notable vendors. The breadth of the problem is pretty wide, but the details for consumers is a bit lacking. Much of the info out there is technical and yet there is still a lot we don't know. A new freeware app called InSpectre sheds some light.
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Misbehaving Outlook Email

Some say that computer problems happen at the worst times. I’m not sure that is true, but I won’t argue. Without warning, my Outlook email stopped working last week. I could receive email, but I couldn’t open any items. Instead, I saw an error message that read “Cannot open this item. The text formatting command is not available. It may not be installed correctly. Install Microsoft Office Outlook again.”
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creating crptainer volume

Password Protecting USB Drives

There aren't too many things that upset me. One item that does is people who put personal data on their USB drives without password protection. They are just waiting for a disaster as sooner or later that thumb drive will vanish. The question is who will get the data next?
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PRN File Setup: add print wizard

PRN Files Fill the Gaps

A friend sent me an email with an interesting problem. He had a report he needed to share with another team member, but they didn't have the program that he used to create the report. There also wasn't a common file format they used. I suggested he try sending a .PRN file or printer text file. This solution also works if you ever lose your printer at work and need to send files elsewhere to print.
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default printer settings

Could Your Printer Be Vulnerable to an Attack?

I know we're sick of security warnings, myself included. But have you ever thought of your printer as a security threat? A recent article by Tenable, a network security firm, referenced some unexpected issues with a line of Hewlett-Packard (HP) printers including the default settings. Regardless of your brand, I would be inclined to check your printer settings. The reason is that automatic updates may not be enabled.
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example of SIM card

Benefits of SIM Cards

If you're a cell phone user whose carrier uses the GSM standard such as T-Mobile, AT&T, Vodafone and others, your phone includes a tiny electronic card that offers a lot of value. The card is called a SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card and it can maintain your preferences. Just as important, this removable smart card can secure your data, which makes it much easier to move from one phone carrier to another.
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cookie policy tool

You Can Control & Delete Your Cookies

We're introducing a new Privacy Policy section that allows you to control various site cookies. In addition, the tool will better explain the cookie's purpose so you can make a better decision.
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