Fix Missing WMVCore.dll File in Windows 10

As millions of people are updating their PC to Windows 10, they are bound to run into some compatibility issues. This particular Windows update was the easiest one that I have done. I go back to the DOS days. One error message that did stump me for a bit was about WMVCore.DLL missing. Sadly, the file wasn’t in my Recycle Bin.

The problem with this error message is I wasn’t sure what program I needed to reinstall. Was it the program that I wanted to use, TechSmith ‘s Camtasia? Or, was some other program involved? I guessed wrong and tried to reinstall Camtasia. I figured it was the source of the file.

error message for missing WMVCore.dll

Long story short, the file I needed is part of Microsoft’s Windows Media Feature Pack. The problem is that Microsoft has a number of installation files based on which version of Windows N you have installed so you’ll need to check your PC specs if you don’t know. And as you might expect, Microsoft sites work best with their web browser so I would start with their Edge browser. As a safety precaution, I would stay away from 3rd party download sites that claim to have DLL files.

Below is the version that worked for me. Be advised this is a large download and you will need to restart your PC. Please note, there is no direct link for the wmvcore.dll download. You have to install the full package.

Microsoft Windows 10 Media Feature Pack

Alternate Windows 10 Media Feature Pack Versions (Includes more versions for both Windows 8 and 10.)

Update: 08/24/2016: It seems that the Windows 10 Anniversary update broke some apps for me and gave a similar error message. These included Camtasia Studio and reading PDFs with Microsoft Edge. I tried reinstalling the download referenced above, but no luck. I stumbled upon a thread in the Microsoft forums that pointed me to a solution.

I’d suggest reading through the entire thread as several solutions are referenced. Some of them didn’t work for me.