Simple Methods to Copy Excel Formula Values


Recently I was watching an Excel product review and noticed the author copy Excel values from a formula into another column. This was fine, but then he deleted the column with the formula. Sound familiar? In this tutorial, Ill show you two faster and easier ways to overwrite formulas with their values. (Includes video demo and sample spreadsheet.)

Clean Your Gmail Autocomplete List

Accessing Contacts from Gmail

Back in the old internet days, people rarely changed email addresses. Today is a different story with people changing jobs and having multiple email addresses. Sometimes email programs don’t want to let go of the old addresses and keep displaying them for us, which can present problems. I’ll skip the embarrassing parts and show you an easy way to remove stale addresses from the Google’s auto-complete list.

How to Delete Gmail Items In Bulk


One bad habit I have is letting my Gmail inbox get too big. I don’t always delete emails as fast as I should. These accrued items tend to be non-urgent items I get on a recurring basis that I haven’t flagged as a priority. Eventually, I reach that tipping point and want to delete these Google emails in mass. There are many ways to delete Gmail items, but here’s one tutorial that requires minimal effort and you can do at your own pace.

Make An Excel Decision Matrix

Enter in decision matrix numbers

Life is full of decisions. Some are easy and require little thought while others require more analysis. In many scenarios, Excel can help by creating a weighted decision matrix. You define the ranking criteria, importance and Excel will do the math and pick a winner from your options. Think of it as your own Excel ranking formula. (Includes Excel decision matrix macro.

How To Delete Chrome Extensions

chrome extension folder names

Browser extensions are great add-ons when they work. But I ran into a problem where one of them continually crashed when I opened Google Chrome. Worse, because it didn’t load properly, I couldn’t uninstall the Chrome extension in the normal manner. Fortunately, there is another solution to this problem.

Word Spell Check Woes

Word spell check message about marked text

Ever have one of those days where you're trying to get out an important document, but you find the spellchecker in Word isn't working? Sometimes you can't check a specific document and other times you can't spell-check any documents. Either way, you might try some of these suggested solutions.

Select Random Names with Excel


Earlier this month, I got a request from a manager in town asking if I could randomly select 150 people from a membership list. No darts allowed. I think the purpose was to do a survey, but maybe it was to select contest winners. It turns out that Microsoft Excel has a random number generator which was the key to my solution.

Find Word Count in Excel

Excel character and word count

I attended an industry summit where experts provided some useful tips. One Excel tip involved filtering cells with a certain number of words. A nice tip, but it left some attendees wondering where Excel’s word count function was. The program doesn’t have this feature, but you can get the answer by creating an Excel formula to count words and characters. (Includes sample Excel worksheet and formula)