Watch Your Typos

bogus security warning message

This is an example of going on a wild ride as a result of misspelling a domain. Instead of getting the desired site, I got a security warning. And if I tried to repeat the scenario, I got a totally different site.

The Value of Saying No


Last night, I attended an event where several speakers stressed commitment. While many in the audience nodded in agreement, I cringed. The reaction had nothing to do with the speakers, but how I think the word has lost value. The problem is we often say we’ll do something, but fail in the execution.

Copy File Path and Name


This week I was working on a project where I needed to embed file names into a document. Typically, I open the File Properties dialog on Windows and grab the name. I couldn’t see the whole path and my mouse skills weren’t up to norm. It’s during these times that you look for Plan B. Sure enough, I had forgotten – copy as path.

Find Lost Items With Tile

my key ring with Tile

Have you ever experienced the frustration of losing your keys and spending precious time looking for them? Instead of getting stressed, try one of these new Tile devices. They are small enough to fit on your key ring and communicate location information to your smart phone.

Speed Up Learning With Audacity


Ever feel you’re at an audio buffet table and you’ve loaded up on too much content? This recently happened to me with some audio courses and podcasts. I didn’t have enough time to hear all the lectures and conference calls. I needed to find a way to shorten the listening process. The solution was easier than I thought using the free sound editor and recorder called Audacity.

Benefits of Online Scheduling Systems


After I left the corporate world, one hard thing for me was being efficient with my time. Like many professionals, I needed an appointment scheduling tool that allowed access to me, whether it was a 15 minute phone call or a 2 hour meeting with various parties. I needed some way that could replace the enterprise meeting planner, but without the cost.

Easy Way to Find System Information


Are you or your customers using devices other than your PC to get things done online? The advantage is that you can use many services from any internet connected device. The downside is when you need help. Sometimes trying to figure out what your cell phone or tablet is running can be a challenge. Fortunately, there is an online tool from Imulus that can help find important support details and share them.

How To Speed Up Video Playback

QuickTime video speed controls

Have you noticed how much online video is on the web or available for download? At first, it was mainly online tutorials that I saw, but now we’ve got everything from full college courses to “how to” channels on YouTube. While there’s been an explosion of content, I’m still constrained by my time. I needed find a way to speed things up so I could watch more content in the same time. Below are several free and commercial tools that allow you to speed up your videos.